Bianca Stone

Bianca Stone is my best friend. She is a whirlwind of sexual and adventurous energy and I can’t imagine my life without her.

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04.08.13 - 73 photos

bianca harness 2 bianca harness 3bianca harndess 1

Harness and Heels

Trying something a little different, Bianca dresses up like the bad ass rocker chick she is in just a leather strap on harness and heels and poses with this skatboard. Her juicey pussy lips and fat ass look so delicious framed in the harness.

11.15.12 - 233 photos

samone bianca 3 samone bianca 1samone bianca 2

Make it Bounce

Samone and Bianca are some of the wildest hairy girls I know. I’ve experienced their booty bouncing skills at dance parties and knew I had to get them together to bounce their booties, sans shorts so the world could see they’re hairy pussy’s peaking out the back. It’s a site to behold, let alone the hot sex they have after making it bounce!

08.29.12 - 129 photos

bianca pool 1 bianca pool 2bianca pool 3

Bianca at the pool

I found this awesome little blue bikini in a vintage store but it’s too small for me so I gave it to Bianca! It fits her pefect but no bathing suit could cover up all dark inner thigh hair. She struts around in her heels and cute bikini, showing off her lucsious ass and meaty lips!

06.14.12 - 88 photos

DSC_0199 DSC_0131DSC_0232

Bianca flashes in public

Me and Bianca went exploring one day and found a nearly abandoned neighborhood to do a few shoots in. Bianca flashes her meaty lips at me through her shorts while cars go by! What an exhibitionist.

06.11.12 - 175 photos

useanbianca usenabianca2usneabianca

Usnea and Bianca in my kitchen

Usnea and Bianca were putting away some groceries but they get distracted with a cocktail and start kissing and fondling eachother.

06.10.12 - 61 photos

DSC_0216 DSC_0191DSC_0233

Bianca Upskirt

When I saw my stairs I knew they were made for hot, upskirt shoots. So I put Bianca in this cute dress and had her flash her thong and hairy pussy at me while I was below. Usnea stayed at the top and filmed behind the scenes the whole time. It was super fun, we all joked around and had a good time.


Make it bounce

I knew of Bianca and Samone’s sexy dancing skills from many nights out clubbing so I knew I had to put them in a video together. They make their juicey bootys bounce all over each others hairy legs and pussys before some serious pussy licking and anal toy play!

09.09.12 12:20 minutes

Bianca by the Pool

Bianca looks amazing in this bikini and even more amazing out of it. She gets down and dirty by the pool, fingering her asshole and spreading her big pussy lips wide for you.

06.14.12 11:42 minutes

Bianca masturbates on the bed

Bianca gets home from a day of school and lunch with her girlfriends. Bloody Mary’s and time with her sexy hairy girlfriends gets her horny. She strips out of her floral dress and plaid panties only leaving on her heels and fucks herself on the bed. Watch her big booty bounce up and down as she fucks her meaty hairy pussy with her pink polished fingers.

July 16: My summer of love and the Hairy Girl Mafia

Hey there Hairy Pussy Lovers! Bianca here posting my first ever blog entry for Naughty Natural. I am thrilled to be a part of this site. It has all the things going on that I want in a porn company; model owned and operated, do-it-yourself approach, community, love, sex, and friendship. I moved into a […]

07.07.13 - 4:23 minutes

Panty Parade 2

Last shoot ever done in this house, me and Bianca chat with the camera.


Panty Parade


Cleo and Nikki’s Picnic: Behind the scenes with Bianca

I have so much when Bianca shoots me! It’s fun switching things up. We tried to do our hairy sex video out in the woods but the mosquitos were just too bad so we went back to my house where we could really be comfortable ;)

09.15.12 - 6:38 minutes

Penelope paints herself

Penelope is super cute and silly in this shoot. She showed me and Bianca a painting she was working on and we knew we had to put it in the shoot. Then she starts painting her pretty pink pussy with the brush.

Then an electrician comes to work on the house and Penelope is still in her lacey teal thong!

On the drive back me and Bianca run around guerrilla peeing and talking about peeing

09.01.12 - 3:27 minutes

Bianca’s Pool Shoot: Giant Pussy

I hadn’t shot Bianca in a long time so I was exacited when our friend offered his backyard! Bianca is so much fun, we spent lots of time talking about her big beautiful butt and giant pussy lips. I love this girl.


Escape to the “Post-Apocalyptic” tennis court

The girls discover an abandoned, or rather “Post-Apocalyptic”, tennis court while exploring the outskirts of town. Nikki loves playing tennis, but Bianca loves filming her play in her skimpy outfit more! Before heading back to town they decide to pee for each other in public while no one is watching and get each other horny and excited.

06.15.12 - 6:14 minutes

Zooey’s Sparkles & Sprinkles

Zooey decorates her naked hairy body in sparkles, or is it sprinkles? We can’t decide…Nikki photographs Zooey in her bedroom and Bianca films and goofs off behind the camera. Eventually, Bianca gets excited and wants to play on the bed with Zooey!


Bianca Upskirt photo shoot

Nikki photographs Bianca on the stairs while Usnea films. Bianca flashes her big ass and hairy pussy for this Upskirt photo shoot, and has fun showing off her hairy body and flirting with the girls behind the camera.

06.11.12 - 21 photos

Zooey and Bianca get silly with a big purple dildo

Bianca and Zooey god around with a purple dildo, making crazy faces and rolling around. They both look so cute in their high socks and short skirts.