Felix Weatherwood

Felix is decieving. She is petite with a young, innocent face, long hair and often wears cute little dress’s that only increase her girlish appeal. Don’t be fooled though, this girl can take care of herself and is a ravenous pussy eater/

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04.15.14 - 123 photos

beach 3 1 beach 3 2beach 3 3

Beach Party Part 3

More awesome photos from our beach shoot!

03.13.14 - 123 photos

felix sun 1 felix sun 3felix sun 11


Felix’s gorgeous skin looks amazing in the hot sun, not to mention her scrumptious ass. Watch her strip and spread her wet pink pussy wide for her good friend, sunshine.


beach 2 1 beach 2 2beach 2 3

Beach Party Part 2

Another set from the beach. This was one of the funnest days of my life! And the photos do a great job of showing the behind the scenes action as well as the posed photos. Me and Felix run around on a rock face and cuddle in the waves as well as lots of all 4 girls posing in the sunshine. We also frolick under a waterfall and show off our hairy parts as best we can without risking getting charged with indecent exposue! Enjoy! 4 hairy bush’s, 4 sets of boobs and 4 tasty butts!

01.25.14 - 128 photos

felix woods 1 felix woods 2felix woods 3

Under the shade of willow…

Felix found these cute high waisted shorts in a thriftstore and do they ever show off her amazing booty!

12.28.13 - 142 photos

felix panties 1 felix frilly panties 2felix panties 3

Frilly Panties

Check out Felix in her cute frilly panties. She doesn’t mind wearing her underwear outside in public which is a good thing because her soft tan skin looks amazing in the brilliant sunlight!

12.12.13 - 233 photos

beach photos 1 still 1 beach 1 still 2beach 1 - pic 3

Beach Party Part 1

Here’s just a fraction of the photos we have from this amazing day of hairy bliss. Watch us in super pretty sun lite photos, frolick and play in the waves and eachother. Awesome time. Check out the behind the scenes videos for additional Beach Party photage.

01.09.14 18:51 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyeurs Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome multi-girl porno, I use a glass toy on maggie before strapping on a dick and fucking her hard from behind, I pull her hair, call her a dirty girl and force her pussy soaked fingers into her mouth, then she makes me cum licking my pussy and fingering me. Check out the trailer if you’re not already a member, and if you are, well, enjoy!

12.20.13 7:57 minutes


Felix finds a nice spot to roast her tanned body in the California sun. The amazing curves in the small of her back and her generous ass on such a tiny frame look amazing highlighted by the sun. She lyes on her stomach and arches high to rub her very wet pink pussy, raising it towards the sun.

12.03.13 18:25 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyuers Part 1

-Check out the preview- Ava and Felix are on a date, hiking in the redwoods. They find a tree to fool around behind, making out, grabbing eachothers ass’s, when they spot Maggie and Me on a date of our own. Ava and Felix get turned on watching me and Maggie kiss, fondle and lick eachothers assholes and play with themselves behind a tree. And this is only part 1!


Jean Shorts

11.07.13 14:11 minutes

Frilly Panties

Felix is back! She brought some cute frilly panties to wear which only accentuate her unbelievabley generous booty! Her tan skin looks great in the direct sun.

01.21.13 13:24 minutes

Hammock Sex Swing Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome girl/girl video Felix fingers and lick Sylvie’s hairy pussy till she cums. The hammock is so usefull!!

11.15.12 20:33 minutes

Hammock Sex Swing

I just knew we had to use this hammock when I saw it but I never imagined it would work out so well as a sex swing! Sylvie lays little Felix down on it and rocks her tight pussy back and forth on her fingers and against her tongue, to the sounds of Felix’s moans.

11.13.12 13:27 minutes

Felix in the shower

Felix gets home from sunning at the lake and wants to cool off the in shower. It’s a little too cold, but that’s alright, it just gets her nipples nice and perky. The water looks amazing running down her body, but it’s a little too cold so she moves to a chair to masturbate.

07.15.12 10:59 minutes

felix garden

Felix had so much fun running around this garden. Her cute red stockings remind me little red riding hood.

03.30.14 - 10:17 minutes

Beach Party Part 4

I only have the download version of this video up because the streaming one is too low quality, yuck. So, sorry for the long load time but really you’d rather watch it like this I’m sure. There was a technical error in the filming hence degrading the quality, not an issue that will be repeated. thanks for your patience!


Felix pops her booty

After staring at Felix’s juicey booty all day I decided to ask her to make it bounce, I imagined all that lucious flesh bopping around looking great on camera and I was right.


Beach Party 3

11.13.13 - 7:24 minutes

Beach Party part 2

In part 2 we rub our natural bodies under a waterfall, we crawl around like kittens and rub on eachother in the sand, Felix pelts my ass with sand and we tie Ava up with seaweed, me and Felix run into the ocean and Maggie uses seaweed as a hulla hoop of sorts,

10.02.13 - 7:40 minutes

Beach Party

Join us girls on an only semi-deserted beach. The water was cold but it felt so good running over my natural body. Watch us frolick, touch eachother and laugh!


Sylvie and Felix: Hammock Sex

Sylvie and Felix are so cute together. They look like they stepped out another era with their flowing hair, their passion for lesbian love and glorious body hair. Watch his adorable behind the scenes and look forward to photage of them licking hairy pussy and fucking eachother soon!


felix bts

Felix has fun playing around in my friends garden. She likes to eat the tomatoes and play with the swiss chard. She also likes flashing her plump butt at me and is so cute in her red stockings. Her laugh is to die for, so resonate despite her being such a petite girl.


Tea time with Felix

Over a cup of tea Felix tells me about how much she likes girls, and likes to see their armpit hair peaking out because it reminds her of what’s down below. She also tells a story about having sex with a girl in the woods and graces us with her amazing, full laughter.