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Meet Chloe


Brand New Intro Video, updated Dec 1st, 2013! Just click PLAY
I am Nikki Silver Raven and this is my hairy girl site! Me and my friends love our unshaven bodies including our hairy armpits, legs, happy trails, ass crack and of course pussy. Check out the hot HD Solo, girl/girl, boy/girl and group action TODAY!

updated 04.17.14

juliette march touching her

Touching Her

Now I want to know what you all think of this! Juliette is rather kinky so I thought, hey why not and it really turned me on making it. I’d love to do one of these types of POV videos with any of the future models that are interested but I want to know your opinions, and please be as detailed as pos More

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Tape Love

This girl can dance! Even on a bed, she moves her hips in ways that drove me wild watching it and I’m sure will get you hot and bothered as well. More

joey valentines

Hairy Stocking Legs

Joey shows off her red lingerie for Valentines Day, and her thick black pussy hair. Her dark hair even shows through her sheer stockings and she plays with herself through them More

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I went out to my favorite outside spot to the shoot in the bay area to finally shoot myself! A tree was blooming, shedding white petals, down onto my naked body… More

updated 04.15.14

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Beach Party Part 3

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More awesome photos from our beach shoot! More

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New Model! Tape Love

Welcome new model Chloe. Known as Barb on other sites but she’s decided to call herself Chloe now, I like it better, and I think you will too. She’s into music so we did this set with her tape player. Enjoy. More

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Rocky Road

Whose that cute voluptous girl near the water? Oh that’s just Simone Delilah, showing off her curvy body in the sunshine. More

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Lazy Afternoon

Ana soft blonde body hairs look amazing bathed in the natural light. I let her relax and really get into herself with this dildo. More


Fire Bush Madison Young!

I’ll soon be updating with famous feminist bondage model and porn producer, my dear friend, Madison Young! Check out my blog posts for some photos from our shoot. She’s an amazing natural redhead and her bush is on fire! xo Nikki Silver


Blood Moon

Did you see the blood moon last night? I actually missed it because I was cuddled up in my bed with a cute boy and new kitty but! My hairy pussy saw it and promptly started menstruating. CCBill the credit card processor I use does not allow menstruation, is that ridiculous? I would so love to make a menstruation masturbation… More


NaughtyNatural Nominated for Feminist Porn Awards

NaughtyNatural has been nominated for a feminist porn award You can see more info about the awards here:┬á We’re nominated for ‘Best Website’ and I’m very excited to be going on this trip to Toronto for the awards ceremony and hopefully we’ll win! Or at least get honorable mention. It is only because of you, my loyal members, that I… More


Harley Hex is joining the team!

Great news everyone, Even though me and Harley were not able to connect in Los Angeles, I have given her a travel stipend to come here so she is coming April 24th-26th and we are going to shoot 6 photosets and 6 videos, possibly more. I know many of you have been dying to have her on the site so… More


More of me? or More of other girls?

Hey there everyone, So update, Unfortunantly I won’t be able to shoot Harley in the immediate future. Some travel plans fell through but some day! From our email correspondence she seems to be a great girl! I will be shooting Valentine in the next month at her gorgeous San Fran hippie house! I have yet another question for you lovelies.… More


Want to send me something?

If you’d like to mail me a present or send me your payment for naughtynatural directly via check, money order or cash here’s the address! PO Box 23003 1675 7TH ST OAKLAND, CA 94615-9719 xo Nikki

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