1. Mark Babbitt says:

    Would be great if there was more shots of these beautiful ladies spreading their behinds.

  2. Dany LeBlanc says:

    wondering if would be possible to have some model that has hairy arms to play with the hair on a close up and lick the hair

  3. justcallmejason says:

    Will there ever be any male/female action?

  4. Mazzarin says:


    It is possible to introduce two new categories: hairy pregnant women and hairy lactating women? Are there any plans to do that in the future?

  5. dcmitchellnn says:

    It’d be great if there were more brown people on the site 🙂

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I agree. I have made active recruitment efforts for more models of color and older(like 40+) lately and I think with some patience, my efforts will pay off. Please have any interested older and WOC models email me at

      • dcmitchellnn says:

        Thanks! I know it’s hard being an independent start up to find the resources to make diverse content. Your team does such a great job.

        • Nikki Silver says:

          I like that you think I have a team! It’s just me, and hourly paid programmers here and there. I do it all on my own!

          • You are amazing Nikki, this site is amazing. So great to see girls like Teddy Snowflower and Tanya, enjoying this so much.
            Thanks for all your hard work.
            I love your interviews also, the girls obviously feel very at ease with you to share such sensitive info

          • Nikki Silver says:

            Thank you! I try very hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy while shooting! It’s indeed a very intimate experience!

  6. I hope you don’t edit women that queff cause it’s natural. let me know

  7. marcuso80 says:

    I would love more hairy ass licking with a lot of spit! So hot thank you for your wonderful work Nikki!

  8. snowlion says:

    Category suggestion: no tattoos would be welcome

  9. Bravo, Nikki! You have singlehandedly brought back the true beauty and eroticism of a woman, that seems to have long been forgotten. NN even goes beyond the ATK franchise, and a very sensual earthy vibe is captured in the shoots as well.

    I totally dig the retro/modern concept. Nice to see some familiar faces and new ladies too. Keep up the great work, outstanding website!

  10. Moogleking says:

    Thank you for this lovely website. Its nice to see a site dedicated to the idea that there is nothing unnatural, unfeminine, or gross about body hair. I have nothing against women who choose to shave, but it really bothers me when their reason for doing so comes from that specific list because that’s just societal brain washing rather than making a self driven choice.

    Now if only I could seem to run into women who weren’t grossed out by their own hair in my personal life. That’s a very elusive unicorn. So far, I’ve only met one and I’ve never been more excited in my life than when she grabbed my hand, slid it down her pants, and I actually felt bush. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  11. great categories. Would be awesome to see some natural girls with dreadlocks in the future

  12. lbailey says:

    New to the site. Would love to see more of creamy wetness from these horny ladies. Maybe you have some footage. Which videos are the best for this?

  13. Hi Nikki, would love to see some videos with boots (doc martens especially) and some domination scenes (F/f or F/m). Would be super hot. Thank you for everything you do!!

  14. More sweaty armpit videos and armpit licking videos, PLEASE

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