Bonus Photos – Kisa in Bikini

Bonus Photos of Kisa Fae in a bikini with all her arm and leg hair nice and wet!

07.30.17 - 5:25 minutes

Pre-Porn Stretching

I decided that Kisa and Harley should water my garden and stretch before we shoot our sex scene. Watch as I lead these hairy, fully naked beauties in some sensual stretching before getting down to the really naughty stuff!

07.10.17 - 7:01 minutes

Interview w/ Freya

Freya gives a great interview about herself and all her hairy, kinky desires as well as a few awesome pee shots! Enjoy!

04.30.17 - 6:41 minutes

Interview w/Jane Vervain!

Learn more about this gorgeous babe, w/ some fun behind the scenes photage as well.

03.20.17 - 7:51 minutes

Interview w/Real Life Lesbian Couple

I know you loved Ivy and Willow’s super hot lesbian scene! In this underwear interview, in the great outdoors we discuss the shoot, body hair, their relationship, their sex lives and why they don’t like shaving! Enjoy! These two are too cute!

01.01.17 - 7:08 minutes

Happy New Year – Interview with Kendi

Some cute outakes and Kendi gushing about nature behind the scenes along with a stimulating interview where she tells us how she realized she can squirt, what it feels like in her body and what her lovers think about her body hair!

12.25.16 - 4:35 minutes

Welcome to the beach!

Come hang out with me and Ellen Stagg on a sunny beach while she takes sexy photos of me! We even run into one of her friends while shooting!

12.15.16 - 4:58 minutes

Behind the Scenes w/ Ellen Stagg

Behind the scenes video from shooting with the amazing female photographer, Ellen Stagg of Staggstreet.com – check it out!

11.15.16 - 6:38 minutes

Interview w/Nikki Silver

I’ve been doing these fun interviews with models, mostly focusing around why they don’t shave, their experience at the shoot and their general feelings around body hair and sexuality, so I decided to interview myself!