Need input on upcoming videos!

I am writing to get your input on my upcoming boy/girl shoot with my friend Ruckus. We are doing it indoors as it’s the rainy season, so please don’t ask for elaborate locations. My idea is to do a mild fem dom scene, mostly focusing on him being my hairy pussy licking slave. What in particular would you like to see? – outfits, shots, angles, activities, storylines; GO! Comment here!

Rainy NY

…Making plans to go visit Jane soon. She has become of my best friends and lives in a beautiful spot in the woods so I will definitely need some hairy pussy, best friend…

Need Input for Solo Content of Me!

give me your requests now, if I think they are appealing for most members, I’ll do it! Don’t delay, starting Thursday at noon Pacific Standard Time I’ll be in the woods …

New Idea for Girl/Girl Scenes!

…I came up with an idea called a ‘Fan Collaboration Video’ – I’ll give a discount of $100, because I also want to see more girl/girl scenes so for only $500 you can get a lesbian hairy sex scene of your choosing produced!…

Meet Jiz!

For me, my body hair is a part of my natural gender and physical expression, and being forced to remove it makes me feel forced to be more feminine. While I sometimes trim my arms and pubic hair, I rarely shave or wax. In fact, I really dislike the sensation of bare skin. It feels uncomfortable and WEIRD! …

What do you want to see me and Simone do?

I will be shooting a girl/girl scene with Simone is about 2 weeks and I want to know what you want to see us do! ….

Vote on Potential Sex Scenes

I need your feedback! I am trying to figure out what sex scenes to book for this fall. I have a few ideas:

A) A new scene of Simone and I !

B) Another boy/girl scene with my friend Ruckus (from the hitchhiking scene) this time inside, with a bit more hairy worship femdom thrown in

C) A boy/girl scene of Simone and Ruckus

Summer Sun

Been having lots of sex lately, with regular lovers I have here in the Bay and some new one’s! Men, women, trans people, all of it! Give it to me! I have been particularly fixated on pussy though, if I do say. Wonder why?…

Summer Dreams

In between shooting them I went to the Yuba River, a gorgeous river here up in northern California, I rode on a motorcycle there with the girl I’ve been dating and we backpacked in and camped totally secluded for 2 days, it was super dreamy! We got really dirty and smelly and rolled around licking each others hairy armpits and pussys…