Input Needed on Upcoming Girl/Girl Scenes!

The time of year has come again where I’ll be shooting a lot of new content for the site. I have two girl/girl shoots coming up in the next week or two that I specifically want input on. I am in both of them! Don’t worry, I will be shooting more girl/girl of other models but what can I say, I love eating hairy pussy and you love watching me do it…

Vote – Are you interested in Live Webcam Shows?

I’ve been doing live webcam shows for the last few months and have had very low attendance. I have sent out emails to members so everyone knows ahead of time. I’m a bit befuddled, so please vote and comment below so I know what’s going on. I won’t continue to do the shows if attendance stays so low. 

Kisa’s Exclusive SnapChat Sale!

In preparation for my next trip to shoot with Nikki I wanted to extend a special offer exclusively to my fans here on NaughtyNatural. 
20% Off, the very lowest I will ever offer a lifetime membership to my SC, before I double the fee!

My first time with another girl

I tried to keep quiet but it was too much, I was squealing and moaning, never having been touched by another person before! Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore she slide not one but 2 fingers into my pussy!

Hairy Desert Porn

I just got back from an awesome shooting trip with one of my best friends; Jane Vervain! We went down to the desert to shoot with Vestacia and it was so fun! The three of us got to have lots of quality time, cuddling up on the couch, cooking for each other, sharing stories, getting to know each other and exploring the beautiful desert plants, not to mention all the super beautiful and sexy solo and girl/girl content…

More Genders on NaughtyNatural? – Update – Vote in Anonymous Poll!

Please come read this post, vote and help shape the future of ! Who do you want to see on the site? What do you find attractive? Don’t be shy! All answers will be respected.

Topic: Can you imagine having a romantic relationship with a girlfriend?

OK, this is the first of many blog posts to come where I am ramble and expound on various topics, suggested by you! Today’s topic, submitted by a member:

-Can you imagine to have a love relationship with a girlfriend?-

This one did indeed make me laugh a little bit. So in my early life, I was a lesbian, no interest in cis-men at all. Around age 19, I began to experiment with cis – men, and trans people of varying genders.

Give me Blogging Ideas!

Well the reason I’m here right now is that I’ve realized I share too much on social media with fans who are not paying members of the site and I thought, why should they get my selfies/thoughts/opinions/updates instead of my fabulous, generous and kind paying members! So I am shifting my focus and will be blogging here a lot more…

Need Input on Girl/Girl Scenes

I have 3 girl/girl scenes booked for December and January! Here is the layout! I like to keep things a surprise sometimes but I figure you’d rather get what you want, then get a surprise, am I right? I’m listing my shoot dates so you can get in your feedback before then.