Pics from my birthday river trip!

…Water sports are so much fun in water as well! Whenever I had to pee I made sure my lovers mouth was around to catch all my golden nectar….

Nikki Bonus Selfies

Enjoy these selfies of me!

Summer Fun Updates – Nikki’s Personal Journal

Thought I would share a fun new technique I learn from a recent lover! I set on his cock and then he grabbed my hips and pushed me back and forth while thrusting into me. It provided excellent clitoral stimulation as well as G-spot penetration and I came no hands! I was blown away that I didn’t already know this technique and will certainly be implimenting it the next time I have a cute hairy girl sitting on my strap on…

Check out Alexis Femme!

Hi! I’m Alexis (she/they) the tall, hairy witch of your dream! I heard you were waiting for me and here I am. I am 6″0 with body hair all over and the most beautiful curly hair on top of my head. I stopped shaving over 5 years ago and my life has been so much better since. I adore stroking my pit hair and petting my curly bush. I’ve heard my soothing voice puts people under a spell!!!

Selfies with Pearl!

I had such a great time shooting with Pearl recently and wanted to share some sweet photos of us on the couch together. So enamored with this gorgeous, bushy lady!

3 4K Videos in my Corn

Drooling on my big, all natural and hairy breasts again!

4K Video Spitting on my Hairy Nipples

River time!

Selfies from shooting with Minerva!