Quick Pussy Fucking Video!

Just got really horny while editing and waiting on a new computer to arrive (ie stressfull) so decided to put my hard working fucking machine to use. Enjoy! And check out my full fucking machine video here: CLICK HERE TO GET TO VIDEO

Need Input on Upcoming Lesbian Scenes

Hey there, So, despite ruining the surprise, I figured you’d like to have input on the next few hairy lesbian scenes I’m shooting. Should be a lot of fun. Please let me know what activities and shots you’d like to see, please be specific! Vestacia and Simone Freya and Caressa Caressa and Me! xo, Nikki

Nikki Loves Nature

… I am all about living in harmony with nature. I spend, basically all my free time, either enjoying nature or working on learning skills that will enable me to live more harmoniously with nature. I’m really into Permaculture (look it up) I obviously love gardening because one day I don’t want to buy any of my vegetables. I do eat meat and am working on getting over my squimishness around killing animals but in the meantime I buy meat from a local, organic, grass fed ranch, and eggs from my friends farm! …

What do you want me to write about?

Me and my cat are loving life here. And I even had a sexy friend come up for the weekend and lick and fuck my hairy pussy all over my new house! We went up to the river and I begged him to fuck me up there…

Input on New Harley Content!

One of your favorite models is coming to town and I want to hear what you want to see!

Nikki on Vacation Y’all!

I will be heading to NY in June and may make another blog post or something around then but just in case I don’t, this is my official goodbye for the summer! I hope you have a really wonderful summer, and enjoy all the content I’ve spent the winter creating for you. I’m really proud of the direction I’ve taken with the site and high quality standards we have, so enjoy…

Input Needed on New Kisa Content!

Input on Kisa’s upcoming Solo, Girl/Girl and Boy/Girl content!

Nikki’s BTS Iphone Videos

Hello lovely members! Here is a few videos I’ve taken of myself on my iphone over the past year? I’m not sure. If you’d like to see up to the minute updates on my life follow me on twitter, though I do intend to post here more frequently. – twitter.com/xnikkisilverx

Input Needed on Upcoming Girl/Girl Scenes!

The time of year has come again where I’ll be shooting a lot of new content for the site. I have two girl/girl shoots coming up in the next week or two that I specifically want input on. I am in both of them! Don’t worry, I will be shooting more girl/girl of other models but what can I say, I love eating hairy pussy and you love watching me do it…