Happy Gay Pride!

As well know I am SUPER QUEER – I absolutely LOVE women and always have. I’ll be celebrating gay pride this year in the best way I know how, by eating TONS of hairy pussy!

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My Hairy Girl Gang

These 4 models are some of my favorites right now and I have such sweet and special real life friendships/flirtations with each of them as well. They all build me up, inspire and challenge me to keep creating beautiful, sexy, hairy porn!

Hi cuties, Olive here!

Hi cuties, Olive here! Those of you that know me know that I *love* to travel. I tend to have a work hard, play hard mindset. So even if I’m traveling for a work trip, I’m sure to sneak in a healthy dose of fun. I’ve taken a ton of road trips this past year due to Covid. While driving takes longer, it also allows me to see remote sites that I otherwise wouldn’t have if I took a plane. Do you know those giant dinosaurs in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? I stumbled upon them by accident! As a huge Pee Wee fan, I was beside myself. Here I was, driving to San Diego from Joshua Tree. I had just finished… More