Cali, here I cum!


“…It’s been a while since I’ve been in front of the camera–I’ve been too busy with my nose in my schoolbooks! So I’ve got a lot of pent up sexual energy and…”

Need Input!

I need some help. I am figuring out my shooting schedule for this spring. As you may know Kisa and Harley are flying out here and I am going to shoot them together as well as a 3-way of the the 3 of us. Exciting right? My question is, should I shoot it indoors or outdoors? My inclination is to shoot them both indoors but here are the pro’s and con’s

Need Ideas for Katie Zuchinni Shoot


I am shooting Katie Zuchinni indoors, on March 25th. Please give me ideas! Of course Katie and I will have some of our own but I would so love to fill your requests if we are able! Keep in mind we will be shooting primarily indoors and it’s a solo shoot.

Quick Update


…I recently got this cat sitting gig up in a beach town near me and I invited a few friends, including a hairy lady I’m dating from time to time. So she and a bunch of her friends and my housemate came up…



The above photos are of a super cute lesbian couple that I shot in September. If you’ve been a member for a while you may remember I posted photos of them for your approval. Well – I think you all will be VERY happy I shot them, I sure am. We had such a cute time together, 2 nights and 3 days camping in the woods creating beautiful hairy porn. Each girl is gorgeous on her own but together they are… something else. I am so happy with how the photos and videos of them together came out! I will be submitting an artsy version to film festivals and the like this year….

I’m back!


Hello all my lovely and beautiful members! I just got back from my trip to Florida last week. I had a lovely time in the sun! So needed as we are finally getting some rain here in California! The shadowy figure in my last figure is the girl I went to Florida to hang out with, more pics of us together coming soon. In fact we did a lesbian shoot together for NN which will be up in a few months. I brought the flippers and googles that a fan recently bought me so I swim through the ocean like my inner mermaid self with my long hair flowing in the water and my body hair soaking in the salty… More

Happy Holidays, Camming n more!


I even had this couple that I’ve been dating come up to see me. (Yes I like dating male/female couples, best of both worlds!) the girl is a gorgeous hairy girl who is actually a model on this site but I won’t reveal who she is until she tells me it’s OK. She is fiesty and we’ve been getting naughty in all kinds of different positions. Her boy has a nice big cock and…

Cam show Tonight!


I will be LIVE on webcam again – tonight, Weds, Nov 30th, 2016 from 6pm-9pm and tommorrow Thursday, December 1st from 10am-1pm – Bring in the new year with me! I think I’ll even be wearing this sexy little red lingerie set, the panties of which are in the foreground of this photo…

Who do you want more of?


I need your help deciding what models to book and how much content to shoot of them! Where else can you have direct input on the direction of the site!