The above photos are of a super cute lesbian couple that I shot in September. If you’ve been a member for a while you may remember I posted photos of them for your approval. Well – I think you all will be VERY happy I shot them, I sure am. We had such a cute time together, 2 nights and 3 days camping in the woods creating beautiful hairy porn. Each girl is gorgeous on her own but together they are… something else. I am so happy with how the photos and videos of them together came out! I will be submitting an artsy version to film festivals and the like this year….

I’m back!


Hello all my lovely and beautiful members! I just got back from my trip to Florida last week. I had a lovely time in the sun! So needed as we are finally getting some rain here in California! The shadowy figure in my last figure is the girl I went to Florida to hang out with, more pics of us together coming soon. In fact we did a lesbian shoot together for NN which will be up in a few months. I brought the flippers and googles that a fan recently bought me so I swim through the ocean like my inner mermaid self with my long hair flowing in the water and my body hair soaking in the salty… More

Happy Holidays, Camming n more!


I even had this couple that I’ve been dating come up to see me. (Yes I like dating male/female couples, best of both worlds!) the girl is a gorgeous hairy girl who is actually a model on this site but I won’t reveal who she is until she tells me it’s OK. She is fiesty and we’ve been getting naughty in all kinds of different positions. Her boy has a nice big cock and…

Cam show Tonight!


I will be LIVE on webcam again – tonight, Weds, Nov 30th, 2016 from 6pm-9pm and tommorrow Thursday, December 1st from 10am-1pm – Bring in the new year with me! I think I’ll even be wearing this sexy little red lingerie set, the panties of which are in the foreground of this photo…

Who do you want more of?


I need your help deciding what models to book and how much content to shoot of them! Where else can you have direct input on the direction of the site!

Cam Show Thursday Nov 17th, 7pm-10pm PST


In case you don’t follow me on social media I just wanted to let everyone know that they can come visit me on cam tonight, Thursday, November 17th from 7pm-10pm PST. Go to hairynikkisilver.cammodels.com/…

Site Improvements


” Hello lovely members of NaughtyNatural!

I thought I’d write a quick blog post and let everyone know what I’ve been getting up to!

I have a new programmer working on the site so we are slowly getting through a number of improvements. So far we have:

New Video Player: Updated to a new video player with faster loading time and it allows you to skip through the video without loading the entire thing like before.

Site Faster: The site is about 5x faster, regarding page and media loading.

New Categories: 13 new categories, most of which are one’s members have requested….

Nikki in NY


Hey everyone,

Hope you all are well and enjoying the very beginning of fall! At least in the northern hemisphere.

I’m in NY and it’s so lovely to feel the crisp air on my hairy legs. It’s warm enough to wear long skirts with the breeze blowing up them but cool enough that it’s refreshing so nice! I’ve become addicted to wearing skirts and no underwear, I like to feel the world on my hairy outer labia and inner thighs….

Objectification vs. Subjectification + Cam show!


“…However, this does not mean that objectification is wholly bad or has no place; I’ll tell you a secret – I objectify people! – both men and women, trans people, whoever! I watch porn where I have no idea who the performers are, I discreetly watch pretty people in public with no thought to their personhood, I occasionally have (consensual)sex with people that I have no interpersonal interest in…The key difference between OK objectification and not OK is consent and awareness…”