NYC here I come!

‘m heading to New York soon again for another visit. I’ll be staying with my parents for a bit and then gallavanting off to the city to spend some time with my friend Fox aka Violet Femme and Kisa Fae! I can’t wait to eat some hearty Italian food and hopefully see some snow! I hope Violet and I find some naughty boys to play with…

Need Input on Solo Content of Me!

I will be shooting new solo content of myself soon in 4K and I am requesting all your dirtiest, kinkiest desires! Is there are particular role play or scenario you’d love to see me in? A particular outfit or style of dress? A certain location? Please keep in mind that I do everything self shot and will be in my home and it is winter but that doesn’t mean I can’t… say pee in the backyard?

Heading back to NYC!

I am heading to NY in a week and I’m so excited to play with old friends as well as new ones. I have some sexy plans with Violet and Kisa and who knows who else!

Give Input on New Kisa Content!

I will be shooting new content of Kisa, solo and girl/girl very soon. Please let me know what you’d like to see her do!

Follow my Adventures in NY!

Just a quick message to invite you to follow me on twitter so you can follow along with my adventures in the Big Apple! I will be hanging out with Kisa and Violet as well as some new friends… I’m visiting here September 2nd-10th and ready for some naughty fun!

Hello Bushy Fans!

First things first, you are all near and dear to my heart! Thank you for the support and for being the amazing viewers that you are. How fun is it to be witness to Nikki’s brilliance and all of us babes on our hairy adventures?

Hairy Pussy on my Face

You know when you are eating a beautiful woman’s hairy pussy and you get so lost in it you can’t recall how long as passed? After running my tongue in circles around her clit, alternating with ever so gently sucking on it, I slipped a wet finger inside her and pressed up on her g-spot…

Spring has Sprung!

I recently was laying in my hammock which is on the creek between my neighbors property and mine and the warm sun felt so good on my skin! I can’t help it, water and sun just make me so horny. I kept an eye out and look cautiously around my neighbors yard but I didn’t see anyone. So I decided to go ahead and give myself a lovely rolling orgasm right there on the hammock! ….

Tattoos and Dreadlocks

I am working on booking some new models for this spring. I have some really good one’s already booked but am seeing if there’s any last new models to book.

I know their is a strong preference for models with minimal to no tattoo’s, however if a super pretty model with significant tattoo’s and significant body hair comes along, should I shoot her? Bella Mae is a good example, seems you most people love her and think she was worth shooting despite her tattoo’s. What do you think?