Body Tour

Katie is excited to tell you all about her body hair! She starts with her cute mustache, making her way down to armpits, nipple hairs, legs hair and of course much, much more, lots of full body nude and close ups on all her delicious hairs, ending with pussy examination and masturbation!


Body Tour!

Eleanor was so good at doing her body tour! I really appreciate how honest she was about her feelings about her body and her experiences coming to love herself fully, it’s really cool, and super sexy to hear her talk about the way she likes to be fucked and much more!


Body Tour

Rococo is so cute. In this body tour she tells you why she stopped shaving, what she likes about it and she is not afraid to get up close and personal! Cum enjoy this beautiful girl enjoying herself.


Hairy Fishnet

Eleanor looks amazing in her fishnet mini dress and heels. Her huge natural breasts highlighted by the cuts. Lots of full body shots of her in it and fully nude. Don’t miss this amazing all natural beauty!


Body Tour w/ Kisa Fae!

It’s your favorite furry gal, Kisa Fae! In this sexy video she gives us a body tour, starting at her amazing facial hair all the way down to her toe hair. She starts off in some sexy lingerie, thigh high stockings and heels and gets totally naked, spreading her meaty pussy lips apart so you can see deep inside her.


Body Tour Download Version

I’m having trouble editing my original post so I just made a new one here with the Download Version of ‘Body Tour’ Sorry for the inconvenience!


Body Tour

I had so much fun doing this tour of my body. I got EVERYWHERE and did Extreme Close Ups of all my hairy bits, and the fun bits as well, luckily those 2 overlap a bit. Enjoy this rather long video exploration of my full, nude body as well as of course me masturbating at the end.


Hairy Body Tour

Mire is so cute! She takes us on a tour of her body, her and I chat a bit as she tells us everything she likes about herself from her cute small features to her dynamic nipples and hairy bush! Then she takes out a dildo and sucks on it a bit before using it to press into her g-spot and cumming hard in the mid-day sun!


New York

I had a lover of mine, Kaden, shoot me on a rooftop in NY overlooking the Manhatten Skyline! I love how this lace bodysuit feels on my skin and my dark body hairy looks great in it!