Cleo Strips into Her Pink Panties

This clip was one of my first shoots with Cleo! She was a little shy but doesn’t that make you appreciate her that much more?! She’s such a charmer, this one! Watch as she strips down to her matching pink bra and panties and reclines on the little couch. Her pretty pink panties frame her thick bush well. It was so sexy to have an up-close view of this busty cutie in action! After stripping down completely nude, she lays back on the couch and begins rubbing her gorgeous dark-haired-bush. Her meaty lips and big clit move with every stroke of her hand. I made sure to get some juicy close-ups because I know how much you love them!! Isn’t it so fucking hot to watch this shy brunette explore her curvy beauty until she cums?! Cleo is sure to leave you craving more of her silly, quirky, all-around sexy personality. Enjoy xo


Usnea’s Sensual Striptease

Would you get a load of this beautiful unshaved hottie! I shot this video of Usnea a long time ago. She was wearing this cute pink dress and panties to match. We couldn’t resist making a video. She’s such a tease, this woman! The way she offers suggestive flashes up her skirt with those piercing eyes glancing down at you. Phew! We shot in my old room which was very tiny but she knew how to work it. She teases for a long, long time in her pink bra and panties. How badly do you want to see these big natural breasts of hers? She’s going to make you beg for the privilege! She makes her way to my bed to tease and rub her sexy hairy pussy in so many different positions. It’s so fucking hot watching her explore her fuzzy body to orgasm. Don’t you want to bury your face in that bushy cunt of hers?! This video is for you if you enjoy a slow, sensual, and flirty tease. Lots of great shots from behind, close-ups of her thick bush, and intimate shots of naughty panty stain licking goodness.


Zooey’s Private Forest

Zooey takes me to one of her favorite spots in the woods. She says she likes to dress up and bring lovers here. Don’t you love the look of wooly legs and heels? She’s so cute, heels in the woods! An all-natural androgynous beauty. She leads us to a secluded spot to strip down into her birthday suit– showing off her bare feet and all of those natural hairy curves of hers! Her butt looks so good as she slides her panties down around her knees. Squeezing and spreading it to give us a peek of her fragrant bush. After a nice tease, she pulls her panties down around her ankles and spreads her pussy wide. The way she fucks and rubs her hairy cunt on the forest floor– it’s almost as if she’s done this before!!


Cleo on My Stairs

Cleo is the busty babe of your dreams. She’s playful, erotic, and has the most beautiful dark hair all over her body. I get some awesome upskirt shots of Cleo in this video of her on the crazy staircase. She takes her time stripping down, flashing her panties and hairy bush at us from under her skirt. Did I mention that she has the most dreamy ass? Seriously, you’ll melt a little more for her each time she flashes it. After stripping down into her birthday suit, Cleo models all of her hairy bits for us. From her fluffy hairy pussy to her gorgeously fuzzy pits. Once we’ve received a full-body tour, she sits down on the stairs to spread and toy with her all-natural cunt. Her fingers look so fabulous framing her meaty labia and hairy pussy lips. I couldn’t help but get a close-up shot! The whole house echoes with her moans.


Ava Squirts in My Bed

Ava is the master of squirting. Seriously, you won’t believe your eyes when you see what this woman can do! She has such an enticing and provocative presence about her. Gazing deeply into your eyes while she strips and teases with her succulent curvy body. After sliding her panties around her ankles, she reaches for her favorite metal toy and explores its many sensations along her craving body. Running the ball along her soft breasts, tender inner thighs, and finally to her wet and bushy cunt. She uses her heavy metal dildo to make her female juices rocket out of her. Watching her cum is always an awe-striking experience. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s such a sexy view watching her delicious juices drip down her fuzzy ass cheeks.


Tanya takes it off

Tanya needs a bit of warming up and what better way than a nice orgasm. This photoset is the precursor to the video where she does just that.


Ava squirts on the bed


Cleo on the stairs

Another great upskirt shoot on the stairs. Cleo teases us with flashes and sticking her generous ass out at us. Then she strips down and spreads her beautiful hairy pussy.


Zooey Glitter

Zooey loves Glitter. Or sprinkles as I call them. She painted them on her face, nipples and treasure trail(another Nikki Silver coined term) and poses in my doorway and on the bed.