Hairy Shower Fun

Harley takes her time brushing out all her hair before getting into the shower and soaping up real good. She makes sure to wash her most hairy parts especially well…


River Mother

Madison looks so beautiful with her big belly, out in nature! Her fire red hair and bush against the green foliage, what could be better! This mother of the river really is in touch w/her natural sexuality.


Big Hips Mama

I love this very vintage feeling set so much. Welcome back to the 70’s with Cookie in an embroidered shawl, with her wide hips and untouched, natural body. Her high waisted panties and bra make her look like she’s from another time, enjoy this set of her risrobing in the redwoods.



Olivia’s sexy body looks so good in her tight leotard and booty shorts. She poses with the beautiful Oak trees, showing off her dark armpit and inner thigh hair.


Redhead Passion

Roxanne looks amazing with her long red hair and dress saying in the breeze. This gorgeous, all natural red head loves showing her body, especially her thick ass and super bushy and juicey pussy! She spreads it in many different positions, inviting you to take a closer look…


Hairy Lesbian Softball

Sweet faced Felix has a dominant side. This bossy softball captain takes advantage of rookie player Mire and coerces her into giving her a massage to get on 2nd base. Felix has Mire massage her generous booty, then rub her boobs on her butt. Soon Felix is telling Mire to take off all her clothes and they compare bushes but of course Felix’s is bigger. Felix tells Mire to rub her boobs on Felix as she lays on her back as part of the massage. These two all natural beautys look so sexy rubbing all over each other all oiled up. Soon Felix is grabbing Mire’s nipples and kissing her with passion, laying her on her back to do what she’s been waiting to do, lick her sweet hairy pussy! Felix then climbs on Mire’s face to get her own orgasm before climbing back between Mires legs to make her cum again!


Fiery Hairy Redhead

Fiery redhead Roxanne is back by popular demand! Her bush is SO RED, I didn’t do anything in these photos to make it brighter, that’s just what it looks like, and her pussy hair soooo long!


Hairy Yoga

Felix is doing yoga in her stretch pants and sports bra. Her amazing body looks even better from low angles of her juicey booty and athletic frame, soon she is in just a thong, stretching her legs far apart.


Dirty Girl, All Cleaned Up

Remember the video of Roxanne where she’s talking dirty and describing having sex at a party? Well, here she is all cleaned up, in a white lace slip, being a good girl doing the laundry. But she can only keep that up for so long before starting to play with her red hairy pussy, she’s just too horny.