Miel orgasms in the shade of a tree

Me and Miel hiked up through some pricker bushes to find this nice tree with the shade and grass for her to strip and masturbate under. Miel is such an amazing girl, so confident and cool.


At the Beach

Ana is a beach girl and I got some amazing shots in this set of her. She’s so brazen, getting totally naked at the public beach with people watching. She didn’t even care and the water looks awesome splashing around her blonde body hair.


Celia on the log

Amongst 2 hills me and Celia found this awesome spot with all these fallen down logs. She starts getting undressed for me and then my camera died! There’s still a bunch of great shots her, so here it is, but if you want to see her hairy pussy, check out the rest of her content.


Cleo strips to her pink panties

One of my first shoots with Cleo. She’s a little shy and it’s so endearing. She strips down to her matching pink bra and panties and reclines on the little couch. Then she makes herself cum.


Miel relaxes in the shade

Miel enjoys the sunshine in her lacey belly top and flower print booty shorts. I get lots of great shots her generous ass. She strips and lays down in the grass to make herself cum to the sounds of the birds and leaves.


Natalie explores the forest

Adventure seeking Natalie explores the forest and finds abandoned treasures. Realizing she and Nikki have the forest all to themselves, she starts to get naked and horny! Natalie stakes her treasure by climbing on top of a rusty car, spreads her legs revealing her hairy pussy, and fingers herself until she comes all over it!


Natalie explores the forest

Me and Natalie were looking for a good spot for a shoot and found this rusted old car. She was such a trooper, sitting on this thing and masturbating for me.


Tanya in a chair

Tanya is drinking a cup of tea trying to warm herself. But there’s really only one good way to warm yourself up. Masturbating of course!