Furry Queen!

Kisa knows how much you love the long, luscious hairs on her body. After stripping down to her hairy birthday suit she fills up the bath and strokes her hairy pussy to an explosive orgasm.


Soaking Wet Hair

Brooke is a river babe just like me! She is clearly so comfortable in nature and in the water and loves letting the water run over each and every hair on her Very furry body! Tons of beautiful close ups of the water flowing through her hair and over her meaty pussy!


Dahlia Garden

Dahlia’s digging in the garden on a hot summer day and decides it’s best to strip down into her hairy birthday suit. She noodles around naked in the garden before for a bit before getting on the ground and finger fucking her hairy pussy to orgasm.


Hairy Pantie Sniffer

Kisa’s hanging up her delicates and gets distracted. The way the wind blows through her many gorgeous silky hairs is such a sensual and erotic experience… she can’t help but press her worn panties to her nose and take a whiff of her bushy pussy.


Brooke Lingerie

Brooke teases you with her luxuriously all-natural body– from her lady-beard down to her hairy legs. Her huge honey colored bush pools out of her lace panties as she noodles around. Slowing stripping down to her garter belt and stockings before stroking her hairy pussy to orgasm.


Brooke Lingerie


The Bushiest Baby

Bushy baby gives you a tour of all her hairy features, while making sensual eye contact. Isn’t she simply gorgeous!!!! Finally she plays with her hairy pussy till she cums.



Kisa is so darling in this outfit. I can’t help but be totally mesmerized by her natural, super hairy body.


Sweet as a cherry

Kisa looks sweet as a cherry in her tiny bikini! Her bush just spills right out!