Hairy Supreme

Minerva shows off all her amazing body hair at the river with me! Enjoy our latest hairy supreme being!


Super Hairy

Minerva passed her casting couch audition so we headed out to the river to let the sun shine some light on her magnificient hairy legs, pits and bush! Enjoy this NaughtyNatural.com Exclusive Model!


Kisa and Harley!

Finally, the two most hairy gals around! Don’t worry, I made sure they worshipped and licked each and every hair on each others all natural and super hairy bodies! Part 2 of this photoset coming out Thursday!


Hairy Everything

Kisa is a playfull little kitten in this sexy video. She rolls around licking her very furry arms, with lots of EXTREME close ups of her thick arm hair. She gets naked and starts playing with her hairy pussy and uses a glass dildo and butt plug on herself. Watch her wet, pink, pussy, thick with hair, spasm as she orgasms on her back.


New Model! Kisa Fae

Happy All Hallows Eve and welcome new model Kisa Fae! I’m so happy to have this beautiful, furry beasty on NaughtyNatural! We did this set on a rooftop in New York while getting shot for a French TV show. Stay tuned on when that’s airing and don’t miss Kisa and I’s awesome girl/girl scene ‘Hairy Casting Couch’ coming out on November 3rd!


Foot Licker

Wow, this video ended up being a lot longer than I thought at over 20 minutes! Monroe was just having such a good time licking and sicking her super cute feet with tiny little toe hairs, I couldn’t stop her!



A member requested a video of me doing chores. So I threw on some cute underwear and got to work doing dishes, scrubbing the floor, making the bed. And then I got too excited and started grinding my hairy pussy into the bed, before I knew it I was naked and spreading my wet pussy before before getting out a hitachi and making myself cum on all fours!



Joey gets bored reading a book on the couch and decides to masturbate. She fingers herself a lot from behind, mmm.



Miel told me she had a super hairy friend she wanted to do a girl girl scene with so she brought Susan. Wow! I think she might even be hairier than me, perhaps we’ll have to have a hairy wrestling match to see whose got the most! They are super cute together, giggling and having fun.