Boat Orgy Part 4

I almost forgot I still have part 4 of this awesome video. I shot this more than a year ago! I have another epic 4 girl shoot cumming up soon as well so stay tuned for that!


White Cotton Thong

Lark dances in a field with a piece of sheer fabric while stripping down to her white cotton thong, barely concealing her thick dark bush! A man stumbled upon us so we found a more secluded place for her pleasure herself.


Summer Shorts

Me and Shepard go at it again, this time on the couch in some cute cut off denim shorts. Watch me get my hairy pussy pounded with a big dick!



Lucy finds a nice sunny spot amongst the euclyptus to show off her hairy pussy. Her pale skin and dark hair look amazing the woods.



More great photos of this super babe, dark hair, pale skin, pretty pink pussy and wide hips with a big booty to back it up, what more could you ask for?


New Model! Park Bench

Say hello to new model Lucy Haze. She is a gorgeous, young, volumptious girl with pale skin. A lovely mix of Jewish and Mexican, this hairy girl has lots of curves and lots of jet black hair. all over her untouched body. And what a lovely pink pussy. Lots more of her to come,


Roomates Part 2

Part 2 of this steamy and soft girl/girl video. Roomates Miel and Susan continue to have hairy pussy licking fun in their bedroom.



We stumbled across this stone labrynth in the woods and as Joey started walking through it I thought what a great idea for a set. She strips as she does so and soon it’s just her soft, pale skin and dark body hair in the brilliant sun.



Miel told me she had a super hairy friend she wanted to do a girl girl scene with so she brought Susan. Wow! I think she might even be hairier than me, perhaps we’ll have to have a hairy wrestling match to see whose got the most! They are super cute together, giggling and having fun.