Hairy Cutie

New set of my lil princess; Kisa Fae! She looks so sweet in her short pink dress, this sexy, hairy girl loves showing off her thick dark bush, lovely hairy arms and beautiful facial hair! Lots of sexy spread shots in this one.


Kisa n Roxanne

New girl/girl scene of Kisa Fae and finally, Roxanne as well! These 2 long haired beauties look amazing together. Kisa as the innocent young girl and Roxanne as the lecherous, older woman. Awesome shots of Roxanne’s super red bush and Kisa’s very hairy all natural body. Full Video will be up Thursday!


Wet White Panties

The gorgeous Magnolia looks like she’s risen directly out of the water! Her all natural body clearly a gift from the benevolent goddess. She shows off her amazing curves before having some fun in an inner tube and spreading her hairy pussy.


All wet

Kisa Fae is back and hairer than ever! I got her all wet in the shower in her sheet tank top and panties. You can see her hairy nipples and bush right through them. She plays in the bath, flashing her pink pussy before taking her clothes off and playing with all her beautiful body hair in the water, she looks SO GOOD wet!


Hairy Lingerie Wrestling

At least, the not so long awaited first ever scene of Harley Hex having sex with another person! Harley and I go shopping for lingerie and come back. As we are trying on stuff we start fighting over a particular slip and soon I am straddling Harley and tearing her pantyhose off, one thing leads to another for a good hour long video of making out, hairy armpit licking, hairy pussy licking, finger fucking, wrestling, ending with Harley taking my strap on and cuming hard all over my cock.


Glorious Beauty

Katie looks beautiful, showing her thick dark hair on her legs, before taking off her dress to reveal her matching bra and pantie set. Soon her body is writhing as she rubs her pussy over her panties, her bush peaks out the side, a hint at what is to come.


Lace Apocalypse

Harley looks so cute in her little lacey dress and big, furry armpits poking out! Good thing nobody is around to see her lap at her armpits, dig her fingers into her bush and spread her juicey wet pussy wide for us!


River Fairy

Lucky you! I got to shoot more of Felix at a beautiful river. Her white bra and panties look amazing all wet as she plays in the river and I get lots of close ups of her hard nipples and hairy bush through the underwear. She even pee’s in this video before stripping naked and making herself cum to the sound of the river!



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