Lesbian Pee Party

Minerva and I take turns peeing on each other! So sexy!


Nikki Teases you and then Pee’s!

I tease you with my all natural body, my hairy pits, bush, hairy nipples, before peeing and then kissing you goodbye.


4K! Water Sports ;)

Pearl lets you watch her take a piss in the shower, it feels so erotic, the nectar flowing from her hairy pussy, she pee’s into a cup and pours it over her hairy bush before soaping up and washing off her beautiful, all natural body.


4K! 3 Pee’s with Pearl Sage!

Pearl and I pee 3 different times in different positions! Concluding with drinking each other’s pee and spilling it all over our beautiful hairy bodies. Please let me know what you think of this video as I will be shooting more pee!


Pee Pics!

Can’t remember if I’ve posted these here yet! Enjoy! I love playing with my golden nectar so much and feeding it to willing subjects. More pee content, coming up!


Pee Compilation #1

Woah! I have never made anything like this before. 11 Different models peeing out of their hairy bushes! Some close up, some full body, some no hands, some with pussy spread. Enjoy!


8 Girl Pee Compilation

Enjoy this 8 separate shots of model peeing! In close up and farther away. Ending with an epic pee by me!


HQ Pee Photos!

Can you guess whose beautiful bush this is?


Water Sports

Join me for some time communing with the river. I look hot in my white bathing suit, don’t I? My thick inner thigh hair collecting in rivulets as waters pours over my bush I release a golden stream of goddess nectar.