Boat Orgy Part 3

Part 3 of this awesome boat orgy! Me and Luca ride a double ended dildo, then she fucks me with the super big end while eating my pussy and Samone plays with her pussy, plus much more!


helena sun

Helena’s toned and tanned body shines in the hot sun. This cheeky girl will make you smile.


Tree Love

This is the photoset that prequels Helena’s powerfull orgasm in the shade of this tree on a very, very hot day. She has a beautiful body and lovely piercing blue eyes, not to mention a cute accent!


Finally – Boat Orgy

It was hard to take photos with so much going on but here’s a cute sampling of what went on in the boat. Some cute posed shots of each girl and a bunch of hot action shots!


Sadie by the water!

Sadie looks gorgeous set against the blue sky and water. She pays special attention to her beautiful feet and gives us lovely views of her hairy ass crack and pussy from behind. What a flexible girl!


Sadie screams in the sun

Finally a video of this orgasm goddess! Sadie strips down and makes herself cum so hard you wouldn’t imagine we were only a short distance from picnickers and the like!


Miel Tunnel

Miel has a confident, cool energy that is so inviting. She is the epitome of fearless in the super public outside photo set we did at a construction site. We were sneaking around and quite a few people were around and she couldn’t care less.


Usnea and Zooey Sunbath Part 2

Some time has gone by and Usnea and Zooey have both evolved in their sexualities. What started as straight girl kissing and groping in the park has become full on lesbian hairy pussy licking and finger fucking.


Miel orgasms in the shade of a tree

Me and Miel hiked up through some pricker bushes to find this nice tree with the shade and grass for her to strip and masturbate under. Miel is such an amazing girl, so confident and cool.