I found a forgotten photoset of Natalie and it’s a good one! We had so much fun making jokes about the passing barges as she spread her pink pussy to the burning sun.


Boat Orgy Part 4

I almost forgot I still have part 4 of this awesome video. I shot this more than a year ago! I have another epic 4 girl shoot cumming up soon as well so stay tuned for that!


Golden Fields


New Model! Olivia Rose

Lark frolicks in a field of yellow grass and disrobes. We used a piece of sheer fabric for her to pose with and the results are beautiful. One of my favorite shoots, her pale skin, dark body and head hair against the blue sky and yellow grass are stunning.



We stumbled across this stone labrynth in the woods and as Joey started walking through it I thought what a great idea for a set. She strips as she does so and soon it’s just her soft, pale skin and dark body hair in the brilliant sun.


Boat Orgy Part 3

Part 3 of this awesome boat orgy! Me and Luca ride a double ended dildo, then she fucks me with the super big end while eating my pussy and Samone plays with her pussy, plus much more!



Joey gets bored reading a book on the couch and decides to masturbate. She fingers herself a lot from behind, mmm.


Sun bath

Helena wants to sunbath but it’s so hot she can’t help but pour her bottle of water on her. The hot/cold contrast is exhilirating and soon she’s touching her hairy as well, breathing heavy in the hot sun…



I just couldn’t stop taking photos of these two hotties, 293 here of wet sloopy girl kissing, outside undressing, pussy licking and fingering! One of my fav girl/girl shoots ever. These girls are real, raunchy and hilarious!