This started off as an excercise video with squats and stretching but I couldn’t resist the water so I dived right in and had a great time! I love this video, it is beautiful and it felt amazing to make, enjoy! Cinematography by Ash Cassidy.



Imagine we are on vacation together in Mexico. You’re out relaxing by the pool and I come outside in my white, sheer, thong bikini. I relax and take off my top and then get in the water to play around. As soon as I step in my bikini goes sheer from being wet and you can see my full nipples and dark pussy hair right through it… 11/7/2016 – NOTE – Somehow the streaming version got overwritten by the wrong video and I can’t fix it. So for the meantime please download this video to watch the right one. So sorry!


River Fairy

Lucky you! I got to shoot more of Felix at a beautiful river. Her white bra and panties look amazing all wet as she plays in the river and I get lots of close ups of her hard nipples and hairy bush through the underwear. She even pee’s in this video before stripping naked and making herself cum to the sound of the river!


Beach Babe

Teddy takes a dip in the cold water even though it’s overcast out! Lucky for us that makes her nipples nice and perky on her full breasts in this sheer thong bikini. Then she makes herself cum on the beach, enjoy!


Bath Time

I’m a bit naughty in this video, indulging in my all vices…I love taking baths and what a treat to find one with jets! No hands orgasm! Plus lots of wet body hair close ups. Shot by James Darling



Come take a peak at the gorgeous Harley taking a bath, soaping up her hair armpits, legs and huge bush! Before washing it all off and using the faucet and her fingers to make herself orgasm in the water! Thick, dark body hair in water on a gorgeous girl, what more could you ask for?


Natalie water

These rainy winter months are forcing me to sacrifice my sweet babys of summer to the cold! I’ve been holding onto this one but it’s time to set her free, here she is. This is one of my favorite spots to shoot girls. A little waves, a little exhibitionism and lots of hairy pussy and orgasms. Enjoy.


Felix in the shower

Felix gets home from sunning at the lake and wants to cool off the in shower. It’s a little too cold, but that’s alright, it just gets her nipples nice and perky. The water looks amazing running down her body, but it’s a little too cold so she moves to a chair to masturbate.


Sadie in the water

Sadie has almost no inhibitions. She gets naked and spreads her hairy pussy and ass on this public beach and has a great time doing it! Her hairy bush gets all wet in the water and this video has lots of awesome close ups of all her dripping wet body hair.