Interested in Modelling?

I don’t yet have up a model application. If you are interested in becoming a NaughtyNatural model it’s probably a lot easier than you think! Just shoot me an email at w/ a few recent photos and we’ll go from there. I travel a bit so even if you are not in the Bay Area, do still please get in touch! I am looking for female models 18-40 with fully grown out body hair ranging from slender to curvy.


Want to send me something?

If you’d like to mail me a present or send me your payment for naughtynatural directly via check, money order or cash here’s the address! PO Box 23003 1675 7TH ST OAKLAND, CA 94615-9719 DO NOT PUT A NAME ABOVE ‘PO BOX’ I’ve had trouble receiving letters with a name above so just leave it […]

How do you prefer content to be posted?

So I’ve gotten some feedback that members would like to see multiple parts of a video be uploaded either as 1 longer video or in succession. While I certainly can upload them in succession I’m wondering if members would prefer fewer but longer updates? Most of the solo masturbation videos are between 10-20 minutes so […]

New Trailer!

Hey everyone, I’ve been working very hard on a new trailer. It may not be of much interest to members and you’ve already seen most of the videos in it but if you do want to watch it, simply log out and the player will be on the top of the welcome page! xo Nikki […]


Hello lovely and loyal members! Nikki Silver here, your resident webmaster, hairy princess, photographer etc. I regret to inform you that due to lack of members I will have to go back to 3 updates a week as opposed to the promised 4. I’m very sorry about this and will be doing my best to […]

Holidays Presents…for everyone!

So it’s the holiday season. And as my way of giving back to all you lovely members who are making this site possible I’d like to offer essentially custom videos, created at your direction for !! Being as we are still a small site, if you email me with an idea of something you’d […]


Welcome to NaughtyNatural. Here is where I’ll be posting things you should know, like if I increase the number of updates or am going to start offering something new. For the time being, please remember that this is a new site run by me, Nikki Silver. I don’t have a team of professionals helping me […]