11.11.16 - 111 photos

andre_shakti_outside_still1-1-of-1 andre_shakti_outside_still3-1-of-1andre_shakti_outside_still2-1-of-1

New Model Andre Shakti!

Welcome new model Andre Shakti! This gorgeous babe grew out her body hair just for me and boy and I glad she did!

11.10.16 - 150 photos

carver_still1-1-of-1 carver_fancy_still2-1-of-1carver_fancy_still3-1-of-1

All dressed up

Carver is all dressed up in heels and a fancy dress. Do you like how her long head hair cascades over her breasts and around her hairy armpits?

10.27.16 - 119 photos

katie_z_voyeur_still1-1-of-1 katie_z_voyeur_still2-1-of-1katie_z_voyeur_still3-1-of-1

The Voyeur

Katie is out bird watching and see’s something she likes, is it another hairy girl in the woods? Soon she is touching herself and taking off her clothes to get better access to her furry pussy.

10.25.16 - 134 photos

eleanor_rose_river_still1-1-of-1 eleanor_rose_river_still2-1-of-1eleanor_rose_river_still3-1-of-1

more Eleanor!

New photoset of Eleanor Rose! She poses in a sexy, pin up style bikini before removing it to further show off her amazing, curvy figure, all natural armpits and bush and beautiful breasts! Eventually she’s fully naked posing and spreading her large labia apart so you can see right up inside her gorgeous pussy!

10.20.16 - 117 photos

ns_lingerie_still1-1-of-1 ns_lingerie_still2-1-of-1ns_lingerie_still3-1-of-1


What you’ve all been waiting for I’m sure. Me all dressed up in some nice lingerie, stockings and heels spreading my pussy wide!

10.13.16 - 134 photos

madison_river_still1-1-of-1 madison_river_still2-1-of-1madison_river_still3-1-of-1

River Mother

Madison looks so beautiful with her big belly, out in nature! Her fire red hair and bush against the green foliage, what could be better! This mother of the river really is in touch w/her natural sexuality.

10.08.16 - 176 photos

kisa_fae_backyarddress_still1-1-of-1 kisa_fae_backyarddress_still2-1-of-1kisa_fae_backyarddress_still3-1-of-1

Hairy Cutie

New set of my lil princess; Kisa Fae! She looks so sweet in her short pink dress, this sexy, hairy girl loves showing off her thick dark bush, lovely hairy arms and beautiful facial hair! Lots of sexy spread shots in this one.

10.04.16 - 158 photos

kendhi_oh_deck_still1-1-of-1 kendhi_oh_deck_still2-1-of-1kendhi_oh_deck_still3-1-of-1

New Model! Kendi Oh!

Big, Warm Welcome to a new friend of mine and beautiful new model; Kendi Oh! Kendi is new to porn and loves being all natural, head to toe. Her pubic hair is awesomely curly and a coppery color; Enjoy!

09.27.16 - 108 photos

harley_hex_pink_dress_still1-1-of-1 harley_hex_pink_dress_still2-1-of-1harley_hex_pink_dress_still3-1-of-1

More Harley!

Harley is back and lookin’ better than ever! Thick, furry armpits, beautiful curves, enjoy!