11.10.12 - 166 photos

Sonya and the grapevine

Sonya’s back! She came to visit the bay so I set her up under this grape vine for some naughty fun. This gorgeous girl never gets old.

11.07.12 - 140 photos

Sadie by the water!

Sadie looks gorgeous set against the blue sky and water. She pays special attention to her beautiful feet and gives us lovely views of her hairy ass crack and pussy from behind. What a flexible girl!


New model: Poppy Cox!

I met Poppy and new I had to have her on naughtynatural. She is genuinly bubbly and cute with the most adorable face and amazing curvy body. Say hello, to miss Poppy Cox!


Sage in a meadow

Sage’s tan skin looks amazing set against this bright green grass. She twirls and undress’s showing off her amazing fit hairy body, and beautiful pink pussy!


Cleo plays with a metal toy

One of my best friends Cleo told me she had recently figured out so of course I came over to do a photoshoot and video of her! She was so excited to show me what she could do!

10.14.12 - 128 photos

Luca swims in the pool

Luca is a dear, dear friend of mine who I went on a sexy vacation with in Australia that some of you may know about. This girl is a wild child but I managed to get her calmed down enough to take a swim in my friends pool and show us her amazing toe and leg hair! All covered in water, this is not a set to miss for foot and hair lovers!

10.11.12 - 157 photos

Sadie climbs a tree

Sadie saw this tree and couldn’t help but climb around, of course her shirt fell up over her great breasts and soon she was getting naked and naughty below the tree

10.06.12 - 162 photos

Artemis in a field

In the first photoset I ever did of Artemis we found this beautiful dry grassy field and she stripped down to her velvet red panties for me before spreading her rosey pink hairy pussy.

09.28.12 - 122 photos

Cleo and Nikki Picnic Part 2

These are the photos we took when we got back to my room where we could really get down and dirty. We lick eachothers hairy assholes and pussys and fuck eachother with fingers and dildos. Bianca captures all of it! Part 2 video to cum soon, watch me penetrate Cleo hard and make her cum all over!