John Deer Girl

One of the only times I was even slightly caught shooting hairy girl porn in public! Poppy is brave and unshamed and we couldn’t resist this awesome tractor when we saw it. At the end a man walked by while Poppy was still naked and smiling! We told him it was an art photoshoot. ha!

02.10.13 - 102 photos

Lazy Summer Day

I asked Ondine to think of a sensual situation and she told me about her love of slow, southern porch hang outs. Rocking chairs and lemonade or wine and watching the sun set. So that’s what we were going for in this set, though we’re in California we decided to bring you a little southern realness. Enjoy this gorgeous hairy girl’s sensual strip tease.

01.28.13 - 177 photos

Finally – Boat Orgy

It was hard to take photos with so much going on but here’s a cute sampling of what went on in the boat. Some cute posed shots of each girl and a bunch of hot action shots!

01.24.13 - 101 photos

Amalia Water

Amalia is so cute with her cheeky grin. Check out her awesome fit body, perky breasts, super hairy bush and pretty pussy.

01.22.13 - 112 photos

New Model! Maxine Holloway

01.16.13 - 173 photos


Sage’s tan skin looks so amazing against the bright green grass and blue sky. Her lucious body hair looks even better, especially her bright pink pussy. What a colorfull shoot!

01.07.13 - 55 photos


Another photo set from our amazing summer beach excursion. Maggie has fun playing in the waves with some seaweed. Check out the massive bush on this gorgeous babe! Check out the new photos of her in a beautiful blue robe as well.

01.07.13 - 52 photos


Maggie poses and twirls in her blue robe, showing off her massive bush and amazing breasts!

01.02.13 - 78 photos

SC Woods 2

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so this photos from the second camera! Lots of beautiful shots of all of us playing with each other in the redwoods.