08.29.12 - 129 photos

Bianca at the pool

I found this awesome little blue bikini in a vintage store but it’s too small for me so I gave it to Bianca! It fits her pefect but no bathing suit could cover up all dark inner thigh hair. She struts around in her heels and cute bikini, showing off her lucsious ass and meaty lips!

08.23.12 - 141 photos

Natalie in the grass

Natalie looks so cute in this little floral dress. Her long legs peaking out the bottom. She gets naked and writhes around in the grass before spreading her hairy pussy for us. Smiles the whole time.

08.19.12 - 121 photos

Sage on the tracks

Sage is brave. these trains came by like every 6-7 minutes but she wanted to take photos on the tracks so I said OK! She looks amazing in this sun set, set, her tanned skin and pink pussy lips look amazing in the natural light.

08.17.12 - 139 photos

Ondine plays with some new toys

Ondine can’t help herself once she sees how many fun toys i have to play with. She strips on the bed with her pretty french manicured fingers and toes and then see’s how many big dildos she can fit in her tight hairy pussy.

08.11.12 - 83 photos

New Model! Amalia in the shade

Amalia is brand new to the world of modelling and a friend I’ve known for a few years. Her sweet, bubbly, girlish demeanor is off set nicely by her quick mind and muscular body! Her cunt is like an amazing flower, this set is not to be missed.

08.07.12 - 128 photos

Miel Tunnel

Miel has a confident, cool energy that is so inviting. She is the epitome of fearless in the super public outside photo set we did at a construction site. We were sneaking around and quite a few people were around and she couldn’t care less.

08.01.12 - 106 photos

Annie Types

Annie was playing around on her type writer and decides to get naughty.

07.26.12 - 125 photos

Celia in the grass

I found this dress a long time ago in a thrift store and had to have it. The boobs are so big on it though, I thought I’d never find someone to wear it till Celia came along. She looks like Heidi or a sheep hearder from the old country in it with her full healthy breasts, rosey checks, blue eyes and blonde hair.

07.24.12 - 92 photos

Ana in the redwoods

Ana glows like an angel in this patch of sun admist the dark redwood forest. Her blonde body hair lights up. Classic california girl.