07.05.12 - 148 photos

DSC_0012 DSC_0045DSC_0055

Felix Garden

The day was a little chilly so Felix put on these cute red stocking that frame her amazing butt and bush perfectly. She flashes them both at me a bunch and poses with the vegetables.

07.03.12 - 99 photos

DSC_0479 DSC_0488DSC_0554

Natalie explores the forest

Me and Natalie were looking for a good spot for a shoot and found this rusted old car. She was such a trooper, sitting on this thing and masturbating for me.

07.02.12 - 100 photos

DSC_0286 DSC_0305DSC_0378

Sage tree

Sage climbs up in this beautiful tree for an awesome shoot. Imagine walking along a path and seeing a hairy girls with her legs spread over the branches above you.

06.14.12 - 40 photos

usneabod usneafern2usneafern232

Usnea’s Fern Fantasy

Usnea looks amazing set against this backdrop of lush green ferns. She truely looks like a forest nymph, in all her natural beauty.

06.14.12 - 88 photos

DSC_0199 DSC_0131DSC_0232

Bianca flashes in public

Me and Bianca went exploring one day and found a nearly abandoned neighborhood to do a few shoots in. Bianca flashes her meaty lips at me through her shorts while cars go by! What an exhibitionist.

06.12.12 - 98 photos

zooeyharp1 zooeyhapr4zooeyhaprpussy

Zooey harp

Zooey had so much fun posing with this harp. We got to do fun things like shoot her nipples through the strings. Don’t miss this one.

06.11.12 - 129 photos

tanyanaked tanya1tanya33

Tanya takes it off

Tanya needs a bit of warming up and what better way than a nice orgasm. This photoset is the precursor to the video where she does just that.

06.11.12 - 175 photos

useanbianca usenabianca2usneabianca

Usnea and Bianca in my kitchen

Usnea and Bianca were putting away some groceries but they get distracted with a cocktail and start kissing and fondling eachother.

06.11.12 - 111 photos

DSC_0298 DSC_0323DSC_0238

Samone gets naughty in the backyard

Samone strips down for her bright shorts and top to nothing. Lots of close ups of all her awesome, extra, special hairy bits.