06.07.12 - 125 photos

Cleo undresses by the window

In this set, one of Cleo’s first, she showed up wearing exactly this, a tee shirt and jeans and her glasses and I thought she looked so cute I told her to keep it on. She strips down to her matching pink panties and spreads her meaty lips on the cute little couch.

06.06.12 - 55 photos

Usnea gets horny riding her bike

Usnea comes home from riding her bike. Her hairy pussy rubbing on the bicycle seat got her all wet and turned on so she strips out of her work out clothes and puts on something a little more comfortable.

06.02.12 - 173 photos

Tanya and Penelope explore each others bodies

Tanya and Penelope are two gorgeous girls and even more gorgeous together, they kiss each other and get undressed and explore each others hairy bodies.

06.02.12 - 100 photos

Legs for days

Sonya’s legs are long and amazing. Her stockings frame her perfect ass and it’s so much to watch her play with her panties in this masturbation video.

05.26.12 - 131 photos

A field of yellow flowers

Driving along the california coast, me and Ana found this awesome field of sour grass flowers and I knew I had to get her and her pale skin in there. We had so much fun rolling around in the flowers on the side of the road, her blonde body hair looks amazing against the yellow. One of my best shoots ever.

05.26.12 - 73 photos

The troublesome bed frame

Nikki is having trouble putting her bed frame together. Usnea comes upstairs to check on her and convinces her there are better things to spend her time doing.

05.26.12 - 140 photos

Playing with her panties

Penelope sips her tea wearing her very cute blue floral dress. She then strips for us and plays with her panties.

05.26.12 - 197 photos

Sunbathing and boys

Usnea and Zooey went to a park and found a nice secluded picnic bench to sunbath and read on. They got distracted talking about boys and what turns them on and end up admiring eachothers hair, making out and spreading their hairy pussy’s for one another.