Cleo and Ondine

07.09.12 9:51 minutes

Cleo strips to her pink panties

One of my first shoots with Cleo. She’s a little shy and it’s so endearing. She strips down to her matching pink bra and panties and reclines on the little couch. Then she makes herself cum.

07.08.12 16:08 minutes

Miel relaxes in the shade

Miel enjoys the sunshine in her lacey belly top and flower print booty shorts. I get lots of great shots her generous ass. She strips and lays down in the grass to make herself cum to the sounds of the birds and leaves.

07.08.12 11:46 minutes

Natalie explores the forest

Adventure seeking Natalie explores the forest and finds abandoned treasures. Realizing she and Nikki have the forest all to themselves, she starts to get naked and horny! Natalie stakes her treasure by climbing on top of a rusty car, spreads her legs revealing her hairy pussy, and fingers herself until she comes all over it!

07.07.12 13:08 minutes

Sonya at the table

Sonya is wearing a pretty silk dress and gold sandals. She undresses slowly while drinking a glass of water and then gets on the table to show off her amazing ass and hairy pussy. She cums, rocking the table back and forth.

07.05.12 26:05 minutes

Usnea’s pink panties

I shot this video Usnea a long time ago. She was wearing this cute pink dress and panties and we could resist making a video. She’s my old room which is very tiny but she makes it work. She teases for a long, long time in her pink panties and eventually cums on my bed really hard. Lots of good behind shots.

06.30.12 12:48 minutes

Samone’s backyard fun

Samone is doing some yard work and then decides she’d rather be naked and masturbating under a redwood. She uses her dildo to cum really hard, leaking out thick gooey white girl cum.

06.30.12 15:07 minutes

Nikki’s New Dress

This is the first video Bianca shot of me. A training video if you will. I got a new dress in my favorite color and painted my nails to match. She does a fabulous job and I’ll admit, it was hot spreading my pussy and getting wet for her.

06.18.12 17:39 minutes

Ana relaxes in the grass

Ana strips out of her cute little sun dress and lays down in a field to masturbate. The road was pretty close to us but she didn’t care if anybody came by, this girl is bold! There’s some awesome shots of her fluffy blonde leg, pussy and armpit hair and of course her amazing orgasm.