02.28.13 11:12 minutes

Surprise Picnic Part 1

Maxine showed me this big, life like dildo she brought and my mouth started watering! We decided it’d be hot if she kept her pants around her ankles while she fucked herself deeply with it, and it was. 111

02.19.13 8:16 minutes

Sunny Time

Artemis’s pink pussy looks amazing in this sun drenched video. Watch her finger her tight pussy hard till she cums.

02.11.13 11:37 minutes

Boat Orgy

We’d been beggin Captain Samone to take us sailing for weeks. Finally she gave in but we had no idea how strict she would be! Of course we were goofing off and forgetting what she told us and boy did she make us pay. In part 1 I suck Samone’s strap on while Luka smacks Ava’s tits, then we all paddle Ava with a giant boat oar and Samone ties Ava up and Luka fingers her while I kiss her.

01.30.13 10:59 minutes

Hotel Fantasy Part 2

Part 2 of my new favorite video of myself!!


Natalie water

These rainy winter months are forcing me to sacrifice my sweet babys of summer to the cold! I’ve been holding onto this one but it’s time to set her free, here she is. This is one of my favorite spots to shoot girls. A little waves, a little exhibitionism and lots of hairy pussy and orgasms. Enjoy.


Slow Sunset Part 2

Part 2 of Lilah’s escapade on this amazing hillside.


Lazy Afternoon

Sonya got some new lingerie she wanted to show off. Leaning back in this rocking chair she lets her mind drift to a new lover she tells us about in behind the scenes.


Tree Tops

Sadie wanted to climb about in this tree and I thought it gave an excellent view of her hairy pits. After having her fun in the tree she has some on the ground.


Backyard Bliss

The Ana’s backyard is just secluded enough to get away with a hairy pussy masturbation shoot. She got a little sunburned from naked sunbathing at the beach but she looks beautiful in dappled light. Her bush, bigger than ever is front and center.