05.05.13 10:24 minutes

On the rocks

Maxine’s soft pink leotard doesn’t keep in her pubic hair spilling down her leg very well. It comes off quickly anyway! Due to the server switch over I am not able to upload the download version at the moment but will upload it in a few days! promise!

04.21.13 12:03 minutes

Getting Wet Part 1

Lilah’s not afraid to get a little wet. Even when boats go by she keeps rubbing her hairy pussy till she’s satisfied.

04.18.13 11:05 minutes


Eucalyptus isn’t native to California but it’s taken over! An invasive species much like Amalia’s beautiful hairy armpits and bush, unable to be cut back, growing furiously and passionatly.


Shaving Part 2

Part 2 of our special shaving video. This may not be for everybody but hope those who enjoy it do very much!

04.01.13 14:13 minutes

Dirty Laundry Part 1

Maggie and Maxine are eager to wash their clothes but seeing eachothers big fluffy bushes and thick armpit hair gives them other ideas. After stripping down to wash their dirty camping clothes they make out, lick each others armpit hair, and lick and finger each other’s pussys, ending with Maxine cumming hard on top of the washer. And this is only part 1!

03.15.13 11:38 minutes

New Model! Oil Slick

Maggie Mayhem decides to cover her amazing body in oil so we can see every follicle on her silky skin. This blonde babe looks amazing in the bright sun covering her whole body in oil and then masturbating, showing us her shiny hairy pussy.

03.13.13 7:19 minutes

Picnic Part 2

Part 2 of this awesome video. Maxine gets a big dildo out of her picnic basket and pounds her hairy pussy hard till she cums just as the sun’s setting.

03.09.13 9:32 minutes

Hotel Fantasy Part 3

The final part to my epic ass play, stocking, dildo masturbation fantasy video series! But don’t worry I’ll keep coming up with naughty ideas and putting them to life for you.

03.05.13 11:13 minutes

Train tracks

Lilah’s back again with another amazing video. Her cute matching red bra and pantie stand out amongst the bushes and leaves but they can’t hide her huge bush and hairy armpits!