06.01.12 16:33 minutes

A lesson in strap on play

Penelope is curious about strap ons and Tanya tells her about her experiences using them. Unable to resist the temptation of having a dick, Penelope and Tanya start hooking up. Part 1 of this 2 part video; Tanya uses a dildo on Penelope. In Part 2 Penelope fucks Tanya with a strap on.

06.01.12 6:01 minutes

What to wear?

Another video filmed in my yet to be moved into house. Zooey is trying on different clothes. Unable to settle she decides to play with a toy instead.

06.01.12 16:14 minutes

The troublesome bedframe

I was having trouble putting my bedframe together so Usnea decides to help me out. Lucky for me, but Usnea’s a voyeur and really just wants me to relax and make my hairy pussy cum in my new room. Can’t say I minded.