06.14.12 9:32 minutes

Cleo on my stairs

I get some awesome upskirt shots of Cleo in this video of her on crazy staircase. She strips down after flashing her panties and hairy bush at us from under her skirt. The whole house echoes with her moans.

06.14.12 12:33 minutes

Ava squirts in my bed

Ava is the master of squirting. She uses her heavy metal toy to make her female juices rocket out of her. Watching her cum is always an awe striking experience.

06.14.12 12:29 minutes

Annie in her lingerie

Annie is wearing some hot lingerie in the bedroom and slowly strips out of it till she’s just wearing thigh highs and heels. She keeps the stockings and heels on and gives us great views of her pussy and asshole from behind before making herself cum.

06.01.12 16:09 minutes

Celia on the log

In the midst of 2 hills we find Celia, in her cut off jeans shorts, wispy blonde hair and blue eyes relaxing admist a few fallen logs. She gets undressed and orgasms lying on a fallen log.

06.01.12 12:10 minutes

Annie gets bored reading a magazine

Annie is reading a magazine in her cute dress and heels but get’s bored. Instead she decides to strip while sticking her generous ass out us and playing with her meaty pussy lips.

06.01.12 13:44 minutes

Spreading those amazing legs

Sonya has legs for days! She likes to show them off by wearing short skirts and high socks so you can just see that line of supple skin between her socks and skirt.

06.01.12 10:31 minutes

Crashing waves

Me and Ana go to the beach where she frolicks in the waves, getting undressed as she plays in the waves. Then we find a secluded spot next to a little river where she can have some privacy to do what she likes to do best.

06.01.12 16:33 minutes

A lesson in strap on play

Penelope is curious about strap ons and Tanya tells her about her experiences using them. Unable to resist the temptation of having a dick, Penelope and Tanya start hooking up. Part 1 of this 2 part video; Tanya uses a dildo on Penelope. In Part 2 Penelope fucks Tanya with a strap on.

06.01.12 6:01 minutes

What to wear?

Another video filmed in my yet to be moved into house. Zooey is trying on different clothes. Unable to settle she decides to play with a toy instead.