07.29.12 17:22 minutes

Celia in the grass

It’s like nobody else was around for miles. Just me, Celia, the wind, the birds and her amazing orgasm.

07.15.12 17:09 minutes

sage tree

In this fantasy-esque video Sage strolls towards the camera in her white dress and tanned skin and climbs a tree before stripping and masturbating. I had a lot of fun shooting this, pretending she was some kind of curly haired nymph and getting really beautiful shots of her and the tree.

07.15.12 10:59 minutes

felix garden

Felix had so much fun running around this garden. Her cute red stockings remind me little red riding hood.

07.15.12 13:54 minutes

Zooey and Usnea Sunbath

Me, Usnea and Zooey went to a park and were going to just do a few photos but the girls started chatting and were just so cute I had to video tape. Things get a little sexy, with boob sucking and hairy pussy flashing but still a little too public to go all the way. Look for part 2 of this hot duo up soon.

07.15.12 20:20 minutes

Usnea bike

Usnea loves riding her bike. Getting sweaty with the bike seat between her legs. In this video she comes home from a ride and changes into something a little more comfortable.

07.14.12 13:14 minutes

Ava ejaculates on the couch

Ava said she wanted to show me how much she squirts so she got in her favorite sexy black dress and heels and strips down to starts working at her hairy pussy. Soon she squirts all over the couch and floor!


Cleo and Ondine

07.09.12 9:51 minutes

Cleo strips to her pink panties

One of my first shoots with Cleo. She’s a little shy and it’s so endearing. She strips down to her matching pink bra and panties and reclines on the little couch. Then she makes herself cum.

07.08.12 16:08 minutes

Miel relaxes in the shade

Miel enjoys the sunshine in her lacey belly top and flower print booty shorts. I get lots of great shots her generous ass. She strips and lays down in the grass to make herself cum to the sounds of the birds and leaves.