Ethical Production

I’m guessing you clicked here because you are curious about what model’s experience is shooting for ?

Unlike many porn sites which are run by men, model’s comfort and consent is of the upmost importance to me. Being a model myself for other sites before starting, I had plenty of experiences with male photographers (not all of them certainly!) that made me feel unsafe, demeaned or just plain not sexy.

My goal with NaughtyNatural was to create opportunities for hairy models to show off their beauty without them having to be subject to the bad behavior of photographers.

I constantly get comments from models that I’m great to work with and behind the camera. That is because I know so intimately well, what kinds of guidance and support are helpful while modeling. Only someone who has modeled extensively themselves can have this kind of insight.


I first send models a very long informational sheet describing in detail what is expected of them in a shoot and where their content will be posted. I ask for models boundaries, their preferred pronouns and any words they would like me to use or not use to describe them on the site, as well as get pre-consent about where their content will be posted.

When we get to filming there is no one else on set that has not been disclosed to the model, usually it’s just me at my home, a friends home or in the woods. I work hard to make sure the environment is comfortable and feels safe for the model.

These days all my shoots are occuring at my little rural oasis or out in the woods. Models arrive the night before their shooting starts and leave the day after they are done. So we really get to know each other well! They are provided their own room and bathroom with a comfy bed, etc. We share my kitchen and usually cook together.

Before shooting I ask models a lot of questions about what turns them on, what activities they are excited to do, and again what they don’t want to do. I then design a shoot around that. Once we get to shooting I let models know that they can say ‘cut’ at any point for any reason and I will stop filming. I check in tons and we all get lots of breaks to stretch, eat snacks, etc. We shoot for 4-6 hours per day at a very relaxed pace.

I pay models by check at the end of the shoot. I send them a 5 year log in for the site so they can download their content and use a small amount of photos for any promotional purposes. They are also invited to sign up for my affiliate program so they can earn 45% on sales they make to the site.

As you can see many models work with me in an ongoing fashion for many years. (I first shot Kisa Fae over 5 years ago!) Our strong ethical framework allows models to feel good continuing to model for us. The product is something models can be proud of and it shows in how much models themselves promote their content on NaughtyNatural. With many larger sites, run by men, models frequently do a bunch of shoots all at once and then never appear again. The companies design things that way because they know that many models won't want to continue modeling for them so they get as much as they can off the bat.

I am more interested in developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with models so that we can all thrive!

If you have any further question about models experiences and the ethical standards of NaughtyNatural, please feel free to email me at or check out my twitter for some insight into my relationships with models:

Nikki Silver