Amalia is short and strong but don’t let her fierceness intimidate you. When she smiles a laugh comes out of her mouth that is anything but scary.

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Green Dress

Gorgeous, musucular Amalia shows off her lean body in this field at sunset. Wait for the end of the set to get some amazing up pussy shots in the sunlight, good enough to eat!

01.24.13 - 101 photos

Amalia Water

Amalia is so cute with her cheeky grin. Check out her awesome fit body, perky breasts, super hairy bush and pretty pussy.

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New Model! Amalia in the shade

Amalia is brand new to the world of modelling and a friend I’ve known for a few years. Her sweet, bubbly, girlish demeanor is off set nicely by her quick mind and muscular body! Her cunt is like an amazing flower, this set is not to be missed.

04.18.13 11:05 minutes


Eucalyptus isn’t native to California but it’s taken over! An invasive species much like Amalia’s beautiful hairy armpits and bush, unable to be cut back, growing furiously and passionatly.

11.27.12 11:35 minutes

Amalia on the shore

Amalia looks so innocent in her little skirt, hopping around on the rocks. But she’s hornier than she may appear and orgasms hard, spread legged and naked on these rocks.

08.16.12 13:15 minutes

Amalia in the dry grass

Amalia is a little nervous to be masturbating in public but she gets over it. She reveals her muscular, fit body to us and her amazing hairy pussy.

08.14.12 - 6:01 minutes

Amalia BTS

Amalia saves her toe from a splinter and eats some berries on our foray in the wilderness.