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Eucalyptus Euphoria

Artemis really like’s being in nature, and is very knowledgable about it as well! Eucalyptus tree’s are invasive to California but they are beautiful and fragrant none the less, just like Artemis. In this photoset she enjoys the tree in more ways than one.

10.06.12 - 162 photos

Artemis in a field

In the first photoset I ever did of Artemis we found this beautiful dry grassy field and she stripped down to her velvet red panties for me before spreading her rosey pink hairy pussy.


Bedtime reading

Artemis is looking at a nude photography book in her bed. She gets turned on by the images, imagining what it would be like to pose like that. Luckily I was there with a camera to capture her experimentation!

02.19.13 8:16 minutes

Sunny Time

Artemis’s pink pussy looks amazing in this sun-drenched video. Watch her finger fuck her tight pussy hard till she cums. You can feel her moans tingle down your spine as she plunges her fingers deep inside her all-natural cunt. I got some amazing close-ups of her unshaven pussy in action because I know how much you love it. You won’t believe the way the long hairs of her bush capture the sweet sunlight.


Artemis’ Hairy Yoga Practice

It was such a beautiful sunny day so Artemis and I decided to go film in the woods. She lays out a blanket then sets up to stretch her naturally hairy body. As she stretches, she begins stripping out of her clothes. Eventually getting completely naked then laying down to enjoy a few sensual orgasms. This woman is such a grounded individual. Moving her body in whichever way that she’s called. Don’t you love the way her hairy pussy gapes as she spreads her legs wide? It’s such a sexy sight to see. You’ll be begging Artemis to teach you yoga after watching this sexy clip!


Grass Pussy