Ava Solanas

Ava is the most amazing squirter I’ve ever seen. She has mastery over her hairy pussy and can projectile squirt really far! She’s also super smart and really fun.

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05.22.14 - 136 photos

Beach Party part 4

The last and final piece of my beach party. Oh well, guess we have to go shoot more huh?

04.15.14 - 123 photos

Beach Party Part 3

More awesome photos from our beach shoot!


Beach Party Part 2

Another set from the beach. This was one of the funnest days of my life! And the photos do a great job of showing the behind the scenes action as well as the posed photos. Me and Felix run around on a rock face and cuddle in the waves as well as lots of all 4 girls posing in the sunshine. We also frolick under a waterfall and show off our hairy parts as best we can without risking getting charged with indecent exposue! Enjoy! 4 hairy bush’s, 4 sets of boobs and 4 tasty butts!

12.12.13 - 233 photos

Beach Party Part 1

Here’s just a fraction of the photos we have from this amazing day of hairy bliss. Watch us in super pretty sun lite photos, frolick and play in the waves and eachother. Awesome time. Check out the behind the scenes videos for additional Beach Party photage.

01.28.13 - 177 photos

Finally – Boat Orgy

It was hard to take photos with so much going on but here’s a cute sampling of what went on in the boat. Some cute posed shots of each girl and a bunch of hot action shots!

01.02.13 - 78 photos

SC Woods 2

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so this photos from the second camera! Lots of beautiful shots of all of us playing with each other in the redwoods.

07.10.12 - 123 photos

Ava couch

Ava gets all dressed up for some sexy reading time in her black dress and heels. Then she undresses and starts to play with her very hairy pussy.

06.11.12 - 124 photos

Ava squirts on the bed

05.13.14 37:04 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyuers Full

The full length version of ‘Hairy Lesbian Forest Voyeurs.’ Ava and Felix are out for a hike when they stumble upon me and Maggie making a ruckus in the woods. They hide behind a tree and decide to have some fun of their own. Watch us lick, suck, and fuck each others beautiful hairy holes. Lots of close-ups, ass spreading, juicy wet noises and more. Enjoy! I know I did…

01.09.14 18:51 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyeurs Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome hairy-centric multi-girl porno, I use a glass toy on Maggie before strapping on a dick and fucking her bushy pussy hard from behind. I pull her hair, call her a dirty girl and force her wet pussy soaked fingers into her mouth. Then she makes me cum so fucking hard by licking my unshaven pussy and finger fucking me. All while Ava and Felix were peeping on us from behind a Redwood tree! Check out the trailer if you’re not already a member, and if you are, well, enjoy!

12.03.13 18:25 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyuers Part 1

-Check out the preview- Ava and Felix are on a date, hiking in the redwoods. They find a tree to fool around behind, making out, grabbing each others ass’s, when they spot Maggie and Me on a date of our own. Ava and Felix get turned on watching me and Maggie kiss, fondle and lick each other’s assholes and decide to play with themselves behind a tree. And this is only part 1!

11.17.13 11:11 minutes

Hairy Lesbian Boat Orgy: Finale

Are you ready for the fourth and final scene from this hairy lesbian boat orgy that my friends and I filmed?! After enduring all that Captain Samone had ordered the three of us to do, we thought it was finally time for us to have our way with her. We all gang up on her, tieing her up to the boat, spreading her legs wide, and exposing her tender beasts for our slapping and sucking pleasure. After Ava finger fucks the Captain, she passes her off to Luka who bends her over and fucks her silly with a thick dildo. We tag team her, rubbing her swollen clit and fucking her meaty pussy until she’s screaming to cum. I think Captain Samone might think twice before ordering us around again, don’t you? Or maybe she’ll order us around intentionally to receive this special treatment. Be sure to check out the three clips that came before this, so you know why Captain Samone had this coming!!! Enjoy xo

07.01.13 12:25 minutes

Hairy Lesbian Boat Orgy: Part 3

I’m so excited to share part three of this awesome lesbian boat orgy! Luka and I start off by sharing a double-ended dildo. We hump and grind on each other, thrusting the thick cocks deep inside of our hungry cunts. I loved watching Captain Samone rubbing her bushy pussy while watching us fuck each other. After we both get off, Luka takes the super fat end of the dildo and fucks me with it while licking and sucking on my hairy pussy. Samone jumps in from behind and starts playing with Luka’s pussy while she eats me out. It was so fucking sexy. So much hedonistic lesbian action. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in hairy lesbian heaven while this all went down. There’s so much rough girl-on-girl action in this 12-minute scene. Don’t you wish you were in one of those helicopters that flew overhead while we were filming this?! Check back in the upcoming weeks to see the last part of this naughty lesbian series! And be sure to check out the first two parts where Ava gets spanked and finger fucked until she squirts. Plus a whole lot more!!

04.29.13 10:42 minutes

Hairy Lesbian Boat Orgy: Part 2

My gosh, are you in for a treat this week! In Part Two of my epic Lesbian Boat Orgy, Ava breaks my audio with her squirt! I told you that you wouldn’t believe what more we had in store. Luckily the camera got back on its feet afterward but we owe this naughty girl another spanking! And maybe Luka will make her squirt again… who knows. It was so sexy being fucked by Captain Samone while watching Luka finger fuck Ava. There’s so much hedonistic fun mixed into this 10-minute scene. So much to watch, so much to listen to. If you close your eyes and listen, I bet you’d be able to imagine an infinite amount of naughty lesbian scenes. This video is for you if you enjoy candid lesbian sex with a focus on hedonism and sensual femdom play. Lots of dildo fucking and sucking, squirting orgasms, and close-up hairy pussy eating goodness. Stay tuned for parts three and four of this hairy lesbian orgy!!

02.11.13 11:37 minutes

Hairy Lesbian Boat Orgy: Part 1

We’d been begging Captain Samone to take us sailing for weeks upon weeks. She finally gave in but we had no idea how strict she would be! Of course, we started goofing off and forgetting all of the rules she had set. I mean, how could we not?! When you get out on the water all you want to do is relax. But boy did she make us pay! Captain Samone ordered me to suck on her strap-on while Luka smacked Ava’s tits and succulent ass until they were nice and blushed. Then we all stood around Ava and teased her. I paddled her already pink booty with a giant boat oar. Samone tied her arms up so she couldn’t squirm. Then we passed her off to Luka, who fingered and made out with her. I can only imagine how Ava felt. All tied up, big bouncy breasts spanked bright red, her nipples were so fucking sensitive as I squeezed and jiggled them. Can you imagine having all of that stimulation?! It was so fucking hot watching Luka finger fuck Ava, I couldn’t help but strip out of my clothes and join Captain Samone for some fun.

08.21.12 13:23 minutes

Nikki and Ava in Cum and Glitter

Cum and Glitter is an awesome live sex show that I’m so happy to have been a part of. Here’s my and Ava’s performance from the very first show! I play the shoeshiner while Ava plays the unsuspecting patron. She comes to my booth for a good ole’ fashioned shoeshine and leaves with a whole lot more! I kiss and worship the gorgeous blonde hairs on her legs– which have never been shaved, by the way!! Then work my way up to her all-natural honey-colored bush. You won’t believe how many fingers this woman can take!! I had such a blast doing all sorts of bad things to Ava. And you can tell she did too because she squirted all over the stage, the audience, and myself! Enjoy xo

07.14.12 13:14 minutes

Ava Ejaculates on the Couch

Are you as big of a fan of Ava’s sexy curvy squirt-inducing body as I am? My gosh, this woman knows how to make a delicious mess! Doesn’t she?! Before she and I starting filming, Ava confessed that she wanted to show me how much she can squirt. So, she got into her favorite sexy black dress and heels only to strip down minutes later. It’s the tease of it all. The build-up, the anticipation. I got so fucking wet while filming this beauty! I mean, can you blame me?! I could tell that it was going to be a good one as soon as Ava started working at her hairy pussy. As she lays back on the couch, she twerks her sensitive nipples and finger fucks her craving hole. She got all squirmy and moany while plowing those magic fingers of hers deep inside of herself. Her hairy pussy got fucking juicy! You can hear how incredibly wet she got! I made sure to get lots of delicious close-ups of her fingers sliding in and out of her hairy hole. It doesn’t take long before she squirts all over the couch and floor! Can you believe that puddle jetted out of her?! I bet you’d like to lick it up, wouldn’t you? Enjoy xo

06.14.12 12:33 minutes

Ava Squirts in My Bed

Ava is the master of squirting. Seriously, you won’t believe your eyes when you see what this woman can do! She has such an enticing and provocative presence about her. Gazing deeply into your eyes while she strips and teases with her succulent curvy body. After sliding her panties around her ankles, she reaches for her favorite metal toy and explores its many sensations along her craving body. Running the ball along her soft breasts, tender inner thighs, and finally to her wet and bushy cunt. She uses her heavy metal dildo to make her female juices rocket out of her. Watching her cum is always an awe-striking experience. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s such a sexy view watching her delicious juices drip down her fuzzy ass cheeks.

03.30.14 - 10:17 minutes

Beach Party Part 4

I only have the download version of this video up because the streaming one is too low quality, yuck. So, sorry for the long load time but really you’d rather watch it like this I’m sure. There was a technical error in the filming hence degrading the quality, not an issue that will be repeated. thanks for your patience!


Beach Party 3

11.13.13 - 7:24 minutes

Beach Party part 2

In part 2 we rub our natural bodies under a waterfall, we crawl around like kittens and rub on eachother in the sand, Felix pelts my ass with sand and we tie Ava up with seaweed, me and Felix run into the ocean and Maggie uses seaweed as a hulla hoop of sorts,

10.02.13 - 7:40 minutes

Beach Party

Join us girls on an only semi-deserted beach. The water was cold but it felt so good running over my natural body. Watch us frolick, touch eachother and laugh!

01.11.13 - 81 photos

Upcoming Shoot: Boat Orgy

Captain Samone took a few of my favorite ladies out on her boat and all sorts of making out, slapping, pussy licking and fucking ensued. Here’s the behind the scenes photos. More photos to come plus a 4 part video!

07.01.12 - 2:26 minutes

Ava gets hot reading her book

Ava loves to educate herself and others about sexuality. In this shoot she’s reading one of her favorite books about sexuality and sexual expression in her amazing black dress and heels. We have a fun time shooting, with lots of giggles and spreading hairy pussy.

06.15.12 - 2:01 minutes

Ava’s pre-squirting photoshoot

Ava strips on the bed getting ready to work her G-spot with her toy. In the lead up to this amazing squirting video Ava gets herself all worked up.

06.02.12 - 4:27 minutes

Coffee talk with Ava

Me and Ava sit down to talk about the hot girls of NaughtyNatural in our underwear. I describe Usnea and Bianca to her and she gets all excited. We talk about how aweosme it would be to put everyone together and let us go wild! hopefully soon…