Ava Solanas

Ava is the most amazing squirter I’ve ever seen. She has mastery over her hairy pussy and can projectile squirt really far! She’s also super smart and really fun.

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05.22.14 - 136 photos

Beach Party part 4

The last and final piece of my beach party. Oh well, guess we have to go shoot more huh?

04.15.14 - 123 photos

Beach Party Part 3

More awesome photos from our beach shoot!


Beach Party Part 2

Another set from the beach. This was one of the funnest days of my life! And the photos do a great job of showing the behind the scenes action as well as the posed photos. Me and Felix run around on a rock face and cuddle in the waves as well as lots of all 4 girls posing in the sunshine. We also frolick under a waterfall and show off our hairy parts as best we can without risking getting charged with indecent exposue! Enjoy! 4 hairy bush’s, 4 sets of boobs and 4 tasty butts!

01.02.13 - 78 photos

SC Woods 2

We had 2 cameras on this shoot so this photos from the second camera! Lots of beautiful shots of all of us playing with each other in the redwoods.

07.10.12 - 123 photos

Ava couch

Ava gets all dressed up for some sexy reading time in her black dress and heels. Then she undresses and starts to play with her very hairy pussy.

06.11.12 - 124 photos

Ava squirts on the bed

01.09.14 18:51 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyeurs Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome multi-girl porno, I use a glass toy on maggie before strapping on a dick and fucking her hard from behind, I pull her hair, call her a dirty girl and force her pussy soaked fingers into her mouth, then she makes me cum licking my pussy and fingering me. Check out the trailer if you’re not already a member, and if you are, well, enjoy!

12.03.13 18:25 minutes

Lesbian Forest Voyuers Part 1

-Check out the preview- Ava and Felix are on a date, hiking in the redwoods. They find a tree to fool around behind, making out, grabbing eachothers ass’s, when they spot Maggie and Me on a date of our own. Ava and Felix get turned on watching me and Maggie kiss, fondle and lick eachothers assholes and play with themselves behind a tree. And this is only part 1!

11.17.13 11:11 minutes

Boat Orgy Part 4

I almost forgot I still have part 4 of this awesome video. I shot this more than a year ago! I have another epic 4 girl shoot cumming up soon as well so stay tuned for that!

07.14.12 13:14 minutes

Ava ejaculates on the couch

Ava said she wanted to show me how much she squirts so she got in her favorite sexy black dress and heels and strips down to starts working at her hairy pussy. Soon she squirts all over the couch and floor!

06.14.12 12:33 minutes

Ava squirts in my bed

Ava is the master of squirting. She uses her heavy metal toy to make her female juices rocket out of her. Watching her cum is always an awe striking experience.

10.02.13 - 7:40 minutes

Beach Party

Join us girls on an only semi-deserted beach. The water was cold but it felt so good running over my natural body. Watch us frolick, touch eachother and laugh!

07.01.12 - 2:26 minutes

Ava gets hot reading her book

Ava loves to educate herself and others about sexuality. In this shoot she’s reading one of her favorite books about sexuality and sexual expression in her amazing black dress and heels. We have a fun time shooting, with lots of giggles and spreading hairy pussy.

06.15.12 - 2:01 minutes

Ava’s pre-squirting photoshoot

Ava strips on the bed getting ready to work her G-spot with her toy. In the lead up to this amazing squirting video Ava gets herself all worked up.