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Gardening with Brooke

Brooke and I look so angelic glowing in the california sun in my garden, every hair on our natural bodies illuminated!

07.14.22 - 424 photos

Down at the River

Brooke is the perfect hairy river mermaid. Her long dirty blonde hair flowing over her cute little patch of chest hair, accenting her lady beard and let’s not even talk about her massive bush!

06.09.22 - 174 photos


Brooke’s lovely furry body looks so beautiful outlined in this white lingerie!

12.04.21 - 275 photos

Golden Goddess

Brooke shows off her amazing, thick, blonde body hair in the direct sunlight! She uses the water bottle to cool off and the water looks amazing cascading through her amazing chest hair, bush and so much more.

07.01.21 - 302 photos

Mistress Fox and Brooke Casey

Mistress Fox can’t wait to get her hands on the sweet and succulent, Brooke Casey! I am so proud of this photoset and video! My beautiful babes!

04.01.21 - 327 photos

New Model! Brooke Casey

Please give a very warm welcome to our newest model, Brooke Casey! Brooke’s beauty is only matched by her gorgeous dirty blonde facial hair, and indeed all the beautiful body hair of her amazing body. Enjoy!

11.04.23 41:02 minutes

Licking her All Over

Brooke came over to help me garden. I can’t help but flirt with this sweet babe and soon we are kissing passionately and taking each others dress’s off right in my garden. I can’t help but worship and lick all the hairs on her body, face, armpits, chest, nipples, legs and bush! Soon enough I’m so turned on from having my mouth all over her delicious natural body I bring her to my bedroom to dive into her hairy ass and pussy!

10.16.23 22:22 minutes

Reboot! Epic Hairy Pussy Licking Orgy!

Just in case you missed this epic orgy – here it is again! You’ve been waiting to see me and 4 of my closest hairy friends get our mouths on each others amazing hairy pussy’s and here it is! In every combo and position imaginable(almost) we worship and lick each other’s hairy pussy’s and bushes. That room smelled so amazing with our pussy juice all over each others mouths, sloppy, wet, hairy pussy’s everywhere!

10.01.22 25:44 minutes

Hairy Sorority Hazing

Olive and I have a new group of hazee’s for our Hairy Sorority! We have to inspect their hairy armpits and bushes, looking, touching and tasting them, as well as test their hairy pussy eating skills to decide who will make the cut!

07.16.22 16:31 minutes

Soaking Wet Hair

Brooke is a river babe just like me! She is clearly so comfortable in nature and in the water and loves letting the water run over each and every hair on her Very furry body! Tons of beautiful close ups of the water flowing through her hair and over her meaty pussy!

06.11.22 16:45 minutes

Brooke Lingerie

Brooke teases you with her luxuriously all-natural body– from her lady-beard down to her hairy legs. Her huge honey colored bush pools out of her lace panties as she noodles around. Slowing stripping down to her garter belt and stockings before stroking her hairy pussy to orgasm.

06.02.22 16:22 minutes

Endless Hairy Curves

Don’t you just love these curvy, voluptous and hairy bodies in red lingerie? Delilah, Brooke and I had such a good time kissing and licking each other’s armpits and licking each others’ hairy pussys!

04.02.22 18:18 minutes

Hairy Nude Yoga

I gathered together some of my favorite models for a nude yoga retreat out at a cabin in the woods. Watch us stretch and move our bodies in all kinds of exposing positions, breasts hanging, legs wide open, arms to the sky. Pearl suggests some good poses and then a final relaxing pose that really helps us all release a lot of tension…

02.08.22 12:31 minutes

Wet, wet hair

Brooke misses not one hair in her heavenly worship of her own beautiful, hirsute body, covered head to toe in delicious dark, golden blonde hairs. Doesn’t her bush look amazing covered in water?

02.02.22 15:22 minutes

5 Model Hairy Bush Comparison!

What could be better than 5 fluffy, thick, furry hairy bushes all in one room? Admire our amazing bush’s and we fondle, play and compare our thickness, length, color, texture and more! Both standing up and laying back with legs open, we spread and play with each others hairy pussy’s.

01.25.22 14:58 minutes

Hairy Bearded Beauty

Brooke is working out on my deck, building on muscle on delicious, thick body. Her armpits get a little sweaty and she shows them off for you. Admire every gorgeous body hair on this bearded beauty before admiring her hairy pussy.

12.07.21 15:20 minutes

Sun Goddess

Brooke is working hard out in the yard. She works up a sweat and strips off her clothes before washing herself down with her water bottle. Amazing fluffy bush dripping in water close ups before masturbating.

10.05.21 15:34 minutes

4K! Hairy Masseuse

I’ve started to offer free massages for hairy babes. Brooke is my first client and I have a very special massage in store for her. I take off my dress, revealing no underwear. I start with her on her stomach and straddle her ass, her plump ass feels so good tickling my clit. I make sure to get her nice and relaxed before flipping her over for a hairy armpit lymph node draining massage, followed by a tongue massage on her hairy cunt.

08.28.21 15:46 minutes

4K! Forced Pussy Licking in the Garden

You are admiring Brooke while she’s gardening. She knows how much her hirsute body drives you wild with desire. She decides to use your willing face to make herself cum. Shhh, don’t worry about your tongue getting tired, it’s almost over.

07.04.21 51:24 minutes

4K! Hairy Tickle Mistress

Mistress Fox has a fun toy to play with, the deliciously hairy and playful Brooke Casey! Fox caresses and kisses Brooke under the apple tree before undressing her and tying her hands above her head so she can tickle and lick all her yummy body hair. Finally Fox has Brooke on her knees before taking her inside to bind her legs together and eat her hairy pussy before fisting her and riding her face! Epic!

06.22.21 14:40 minutes

4K! Hirsute Face

Brooke is dressed up in her fanciest lingerie for you and teases you with her gorgeous body hair and facial hair before masturbating

04.03.21 15:52 minutes

4K! Brooke’s Hirsute Hair Show

Brooke is one furry lady! Don’t be deceived by her light colored body hair, it is truly, EVERYWHERE. Enjoy her lady beard and the cute fuzz between her breasts and that bush… oof!