Celia is a voluptuous girl, standing 5’9″ Her very generous breasts are really a wonder of nature. She reminds me of an old school farm girl. With her blue eyes, blonde hair and large bouncing breasts she is really a site to behold.

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07.26.12 - 125 photos

Celia in the grass

I found this dress a long time ago in a thrift store and had to have it. The boobs are so big on it though, I thought I’d never find someone to wear it till Celia came along. She looks like Heidi or a sheep hearder from the old country in it with her full healthy breasts, rosey checks, blue eyes and blonde hair.

07.15.12 - 96 photos

Celia on the log

Amongst 2 hills me and Celia found this awesome spot with all these fallen down logs. She starts getting undressed for me and then my camera died! There’s still a bunch of great shots her, so here it is, but if you want to see her hairy pussy, check out the rest of her content.

08.26.12 13:47 minutes

Celia Stretches Outdoors

There’s something about a hairy woman masturbating in nature that just brings me joy. Wouldn’t you agree? The sound of the songbirds singing in the wind combined with the amazing moans coming out of Celia’s mouth. It’s truly something to appreciate. Celia was out for a hike in the woods when she decided to take a break and get some exercise a different way. She strips out of her teal sports bra and polka-dotted panties, revealing her huge all-natural breasts, bush, and nice round ass. She and of all her pretty blonde body hair look great in the natural dappled light. The sunlight kisses her soft skin in such an intimate and alluring way. After stretching her athletic body, she makes a comfy nest amongst the leaves and beings exploring all over her sensitive crevices. There are a ton of delicious close-up shots of her hairy pussy in action as well as her beautiful pleasure faces as she rubs and strokes her curvy all-natural body.

07.29.12 17:22 minutes

Celia in Her Tall Grass Oasis

Have you ever dreamed of stumbling upon a beautiful forest fairy in her natural habitat? Layed back, stripped down into her fuzzy all-natural birthday suit, enjoying the soft kiss of the sun’s rays against her skin. Well, you’re in luck, my friend! Because Celia and I are here to make that dream a reality! She looked so beautiful with the tall grass framing her honey-colored hair and that voluptuous body of hers. I made sure to get a ton of sensual close-up shots of her thick hairs blowing in the wind. You can even see the cute little happy trail that she has going on! We were so lucky to have found this oasis. It’s like nobody else was around for miles. Just you, Celia, the wind, the birds, and her amazing orgasm. Isn’t it so fucking hot watching her rub her juicy cunt in the warm embrace of the sun? You’re not going to want to take your eyes off of her!!

06.01.12 16:09 minutes

Celia Masturbates on the Log

Amid two hills, we find Celia, with her wispy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She’s relaxing alongside a few fallen logs in her cut-off jean shorts and tank top. She gets undressed, slowly untieing her boots to expose her bare feet. Then moves on to her shirt and bra, allowing you to admire her huge natural breasts in all of their glory. It’s such an intimate view to see her enjoying herself among the natural beauty. As she lies there naked, soaking up the warm rays of light, she tenderly explores her body with her fingertips. When she reaches her fluffy all-natural bush, she can’t help but offer herself more. It’s quite the sight to watch the up-close view of her eager fingers exploring her most tender bits. She spreads, teases, and plunges her fingers into her pleading cunt. The honey-colored hairs of her bush glistening in the natural light. She tugs on her long pussy hairs in pure bliss. Rubbing her cunt and bringing herself to orgasm.