Celia is a voluptuous girl, standing 5’9″ Her very generous breasts are really a wonder of nature. She reminds me of an old school farm girl. With her blue eyes, blonde hair and large bouncing breasts she is really a site to behold.

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07.26.12 - 125 photos

Celia in the grass

I found this dress a long time ago in a thrift store and had to have it. The boobs are so big on it though, I thought I’d never find someone to wear it till Celia came along. She looks like Heidi or a sheep hearder from the old country in it with her full healthy breasts, rosey checks, blue eyes and blonde hair.

07.15.12 - 96 photos

Celia on the log

Amongst 2 hills me and Celia found this awesome spot with all these fallen down logs. She starts getting undressed for me and then my camera died! There’s still a bunch of great shots her, so here it is, but if you want to see her hairy pussy, check out the rest of her content.

08.26.12 13:47 minutes

Celia Stretches

Celia is out for a hike in the woods in her teal sports bra when she decides to take a break and get some excerise a different way. Her and all her pretty blonde body hair look great in the natural dappled light.

07.29.12 17:22 minutes

Celia in the grass

It’s like nobody else was around for miles. Just me, Celia, the wind, the birds and her amazing orgasm.

06.01.12 16:09 minutes

Celia on the log

In the midst of 2 hills we find Celia, in her cut off jeans shorts, wispy blonde hair and blue eyes relaxing admist a few fallen logs. She gets undressed and orgasms lying on a fallen log.