Standing at 5’3″ she is short and curvy, classic pin up body and sweet smile to match. Cleo ‘s laugh can make any day better and I can personally vouch that she is a fabulous friend.

content featuring Cleo


Cleo plays with a metal toy

One of my best friends Cleo told me she had recently figured out so of course I came over to do a photoshoot and video of her! She was so excited to show me what she could do!

09.28.12 - 1 photos

Cleo and Nikki Picnic Part 2

These are the photos we took when we got back to my room where we could really get down and dirty. We lick eachothers hairy assholes and pussys and fuck eachother with fingers and dildos. Bianca captures all of it! Part 2 video to cum soon, watch me penetrate Cleo hard and make her cum all over!

09.11.12 - 1 photos

Cleo and Nikki have a Picnic

I dared Cleo to get naked with me in this park. She’s a little shy so I thought she’d be hesitant but she went for it! i have so much fun with this girl.

06.11.12 - 1 photos

Cleo on the stairs

Another great upskirt shoot on the stairs. Cleo teases us with flashes and sticking her generous ass out at us. Then she strips down and spreads her beautiful hairy pussy.

06.07.12 - 1 photos

Cleo undresses by the window

In this set, one of Cleo’s first, she showed up wearing exactly this, a tee shirt and jeans and her glasses and I thought she looked so cute I told her to keep it on. She strips down to her matching pink panties and spreads her meaty lips on the cute little couch.


Cleo’s First On Camera Squirt

Can you believe that this is Cleo’s first time squirting on camera?! You can hear the sounds of her juicy pussy as she drives the curve of her metal dildo against her g-spot. Isn’t it so sexy to watch this all-natural beauty in action?! She knows all of the right moves to encourage that holy cream out of her beautiful unshaven cunt. Her meaty pussy gets so swollen and pink from all of the excitement. If you get close enough, you might even be able to feel her wonderful female juices raining down on your face. Enjoy xo

10.06.12 1 minutes

Cleo and Nikki Dildo Fucking Fun

It’s finally here, part two of mine and Cleo’s hairy lesbian adventure!! After coming home from the park and warming each other up, I introduce her to my thick strapless strapon. It felt so fucking good having Cleo slide the dildo inside of me and work it with her mouth. Isn’t she such a beautiful cock sucker?! I loved the way the dildo felt as she bobbed her head up and down, pushing it even deeper inside of me. After making me cum, I flip Cleo onto her back and fuck her meaty pussy with a thick dildo as I suck on those bouncy busty breasts of hers. Don’t you love watching the way her big boobs jiggle with every stroke?! Gosh, it’s so sexy… I know how much she loves it from behind, so I get her into doggy style and spread her gorgeous hairy ass cheeks as I fuck her pussy and taste her cute little asshole. Doesn’t she sound so hot moaning into the pillow?! I love the way her hairy bush envelopes my face as I suck and lick at her juicy clit and swollen cunt. It doesn’t take long before she’s cumming in my mouth and I’m wrapped up in her arms for some pillow talk. It’s always a beautiful time when I’m with Cleo! This video is for you if you enjoy authentic and candid lesbian sex with an all-natural twist. Lots of hairy pussy and ass licking, dildo fucking, and unbelievable orgasms. Be sure to check out part one if you haven’t already! Where we strip naked and dance around in a public park before coming home to have some naughty lesbian fun.


Picnic Time Part 1

Part 1 of this awesome video that Cleo and I made with Bianca shooting! Cleo and I are enjoying a picnic when we get to talking about frolicking around naked together. One thing leads to another, and we get up to start stripping each other down to our natural beauty. We spend a couple of minutes running around in the nude, enjoying the freedom that our hairy birthday suits bring us. Then we start making out and realize that too many people are around for us to get too naughty. We decide to head back to my house to have some real fun. In my bedroom, Cleo and I return to our natural hairy states. We kiss and explore each other’s all-natural bodies in some of the most intimate of ways. Cleo has such a way with my hairy pussy! She makes me cum so fucking hard then I flip her over to return the favor. I kiss and slurp up all of Cleo’s delicious juices while I finger fuck her hairy cunt to the most magnificent orgasm. She loved having my long tongue teasing her beautiful tight asshole! When she came, I could feel her pussy tighten against my fingers. Fuck, it was such a sexy day!


Cleo and Ondine

Cleo and Ondine have some free time on their hands and decide to have some fun. Ondine can’t keep her tongue off of Cleos hairy armpits, succulent breasts, and bushy pussy. They takes turns licking and worshiping each other’s all-natural beauty until they both are dripping with desire.

07.09.12 1 minutes

Cleo Strips into Her Pink Panties

This clip was one of my first shoots with Cleo! She was a little shy but doesn’t that make you appreciate her that much more?! She’s such a charmer, this one! Watch as she strips down to her matching pink bra and panties and reclines on the little couch. Her pretty pink panties frame her thick bush well. It was so sexy to have an up-close view of this busty cutie in action! After stripping down completely nude, she lays back on the couch and begins rubbing her gorgeous dark-haired-bush. Her meaty lips and big clit move with every stroke of her hand. I made sure to get some juicy close-ups because I know how much you love them!! Isn’t it so fucking hot to watch this shy brunette explore her curvy beauty until she cums?! Cleo is sure to leave you craving more of her silly, quirky, all-around sexy personality. Enjoy xo

06.14.12 1 minutes

Cleo on My Stairs

Cleo is the busty babe of your dreams. She’s playful, erotic, and has the most beautiful dark hair all over her body. I get some awesome upskirt shots of Cleo in this video of her on the crazy staircase. She takes her time stripping down, flashing her panties and hairy bush at us from under her skirt. Did I mention that she has the most dreamy ass? Seriously, you’ll melt a little more for her each time she flashes it. After stripping down into her birthday suit, Cleo models all of her hairy bits for us. From her fluffy hairy pussy to her gorgeously fuzzy pits. Once we’ve received a full-body tour, she sits down on the stairs to spread and toy with her all-natural cunt. Her fingers look so fabulous framing her meaty labia and hairy pussy lips. I couldn’t help but get a close-up shot! The whole house echoes with her moans.


Cleo and Nikki’s Picnic: Behind the scenes with Bianca

I have so much when Bianca shoots me! It’s fun switching things up. We tried to do our hairy sex video out in the woods but the mosquitos were just too bad so we went back to my house where we could really be comfortable 😉


Cleo’s Naked Interview

In this naked interview, one of the first I did for the site, Cleo talks about her awesome, cute glasses and how there are still new, exciting things to try sexually even though she’s been having sex for a long time. She also tells a story about fucking on the beach.


Cleo fucks at a sex festival

Me and Cleo run around my house trying to find something to eat after a shoot. We don’t find much but I does get to see Cleo’s juicey ass squat down to look through my fridge and she tells me an awesome story about fucking in public at a sex festival in San Fransisco called Folsom street fair.