Standing at 5’3″ she is short and curvy, classic pin up body and sweet smile to match. Cleo ‘s laugh can make any day better and I can personally vouch that she is a fabulous friend.

content featuring Cleo


Cleo plays with a metal toy

One of my best friends Cleo told me she had recently figured out so of course I came over to do a photoshoot and video of her! She was so excited to show me what she could do!

09.28.12 - 122 photos

Cleo and Nikki Picnic Part 2

These are the photos we took when we got back to my room where we could really get down and dirty. We lick eachothers hairy assholes and pussys and fuck eachother with fingers and dildos. Bianca captures all of it! Part 2 video to cum soon, watch me penetrate Cleo hard and make her cum all over!

09.11.12 - 118 photos

Cleo and Nikki have a Picnic

I dared Cleo to get naked with me in this park. She’s a little shy so I thought she’d be hesitant but she went for it! i have so much fun with this girl.

06.11.12 - 116 photos

Cleo on the stairs

Another great upskirt shoot on the stairs. Cleo teases us with flashes and sticking her generous ass out at us. Then she strips down and spreads her beautiful hairy pussy.

06.07.12 - 125 photos

Cleo undresses by the window

In this set, one of Cleo’s first, she showed up wearing exactly this, a tee shirt and jeans and her glasses and I thought she looked so cute I told her to keep it on. She strips down to her matching pink panties and spreads her meaty lips on the cute little couch.


Cleo Squirts

Here’s the video to go along with the photoset of Cleo’s first time squirting on camera!

10.06.12 17:23 minutes

Cleo and Nikki Part 2


Picnic Time Part 1

Part 1 of this awesome video me and Cleo made with Bianca shooting! We have a picnic and dare eachother to run around naked. We start making out but realize too many people are around and head back to my house to get really dirty.


Cleo and Ondine

07.09.12 9:51 minutes

Cleo strips to her pink panties

One of my first shoots with Cleo. She’s a little shy and it’s so endearing. She strips down to her matching pink bra and panties and reclines on the little couch. Then she makes herself cum.

06.14.12 9:32 minutes

Cleo on my stairs

I get some awesome upskirt shots of Cleo in this video of her on crazy staircase. She strips down after flashing her panties and hairy bush at us from under her skirt. The whole house echoes with her moans.


Cleo and Nikki’s Picnic: Behind the scenes with Bianca

I have so much when Bianca shoots me! It’s fun switching things up. We tried to do our hairy sex video out in the woods but the mosquitos were just too bad so we went back to my house where we could really be comfortable 😉


Cleo’s Naked Interview

In this naked interview, one of the first I did for the site, Cleo talks about her awesome, cute glasses and how there are still new, exciting things to try sexually even though she’s been having sex for a long time. She also tells a story about fucking on the beach.


Cleo fucks at a sex festival

Me and Cleo run around my house trying to find something to eat after a shoot. We don’t find much but I does get to see Cleo’s juicey ass squat down to look through my fridge and she tells me an awesome story about fucking in public at a sex festival in San Fransisco called Folsom street fair.