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Exclusive Amateur Cookie is Back!

My dear friend Cookie decided to visit me this summer so we did some shoots! I know you all love this super natural, amateur model with amazing big curvy hips! You will only find Cookie on NaughtyNatural. (Check the video message from Cookie in the Behind the Scenes section)

05.20.21 - 144 photos

Exclusive Amateur! Cookie!

Exclusive Amateur Cookie shows off her amazing hour glass body shape, so sexy and classic!

12.05.19 - 158 photos

Big Booty

Your favorite big booty, hairy girl next door is back! Enjoy her amazing curves and thick, furry pussy hair.

04.18.19 - 139 photos

Amateur Cookie!

Cookie looks so good in her sheer bra and panties! Enjoy this gorgeous, all natural, amateur and NaughtyNatural Exclusive model, showing off her amazing wide hips and thick furry bush!

11.01.18 - 146 photos

Cookie and Nikki!

2 of your favorite model’s together! Admire and compare our very different and equally lovely hairy, all natural bodies! Cookie is such a petite little thing and I loved worshipping her curves!

09.06.18 - 155 photos

Hairy Glam Babe

Cookie is all dressed up in head to toe lingerie and heels! This girl cleans up nice! Enjoy these photos of her curvy body, bushy pussy and fluffy pits framed in classy black lingerie and garters.

04.14.18 - 125 photos

Curvy Ballerina

New set of Cookie! This hairy ballerina is all sure scandelizing her teachers with her see through leotard, thong and huge curvy hips and ass! Enjoy this butt and hip focused set of your favorite hairy real deal amateur!

12.14.17 - 139 photos

Amateur in Lingerie

Cookie looks amazing all dressed up for you! Enjoy this voluptous amateur showing off all her hairy goods and super curvy body!

02.04.17 - 156 photos

Spring Dress

Last photoset I have of the gorgeous amateur you’ve all fallen in love with; Cookie! Don’t worry we have plans to do an indoor shoot this spring, so there will be more of her!

09.17.16 - 146 photos

Big Hips Mama

I love this very vintage feeling set so much. Welcome back to the 70’s with Cookie in an embroidered shawl, with her wide hips and untouched, natural body. Her high waisted panties and bra make her look like she’s from another time, enjoy this set of her risrobing in the redwoods.

07.07.16 - 131 photos

New Model! Cookie

Welcome brand new model Cookie! This was her first shoot ever, how lucky are we to be blessed by this beautiful, all natural goddess with such amazing wide hips and full bush!

04.26.22 8:17 minutes

Soaking Wet

Cookie takes a shower, soaping up her thick bush and hairy armpits. She lets the water cascade over her huge, massive, amazing hips and butt!

03.08.22 13:45 minutes

Yoga Release

Cookie decides to do some yoga in my yard but it gets so hot here! She decides to take off her clothes, giving us lovely views of her hairy pits, and wide womanly hips while she bends over and stretches, finally getting on the ground to allow herself to release in a different way…

01.15.22 13:37 minutes

Hairy Amateur in the Garden

Cookie is one of my favorite models to shoot. The only time she models is with me for NaughtyNatural, she is so authentic in her videos and loves to orgasm! She has such a unique way of cumming, I love watching.

05.22.21 13:41 minutes

Big Hips Lady

Cookie shows off her amazing body with big hips, spreading her ass nice and wide for you.

06.30.20 13:51 minutes

Big Booty Bath

Cooke shows off her unbelievable figure in the bath before soaping up all her hairy pits for your viewing pleasures.

03.10.20 14:19 minutes

White Cotton Panties

Cookie shows off her amazing all natural body in her white cotton panties. Enjoy.

12.07.19 13:37 minutes

Hairy Thick

Enjoy another HD Video of amateur, hairy Cookie.

04.20.19 17:54 minutes

Big Booty Strut

Cookie shows off her amazing figuring by strutting back and forth while disrobing. Once she’s naked she struts some more before masturbating.

11.03.18 52:32 minutes

Hairy Sapphic Seduction

70’s throwback time! Nikki is the head of the feminist group on campus and is the only woman who showed up to ‘vaginal self exam’ day, newbie Cookie comes in and Nikki gets her legs spread, admiring their hairy pussy’s, soon Nikki is seducing the inexperienced Cookie and teaching her all about all natural, hairy women’s anatomy… Enjoy!

10.23.18 15:16 minutes

Big Booty Casting Couch

Cookie and I do a little roleplay pretending she’s auditioning for NN. No girl/girl action in this one but we sure had a good time! Enjoy!

09.08.18 17:33 minutes

Classy Curvy

Cookie is all dressed up in classy black lingerie for you!

07.17.18 17:14 minutes

Big Bottom Babe

Cookie is gorgeous as always, showing off her amazing curvy figure, curly ass crack and pussy hairs and armpits before masturbating.

04.17.18 17:31 minutes

Hairy Fucking Machine!

That’s right, first ever, hairy girl fucking machine video with a NN favorite; Cookie! More fucking machine videos to cum!

12.16.17 19:06 minutes

Cookie’s Amazing Orgasm

This lingerie and heels is new for Cookie who normally spends her time outdoors in hiking boots! She looks amazing in it though and even turns herself on with how sexy her big fluffy bush and thick curves look. She masturbates with her stockings and heels still on!

11.07.17 14:25 minutes

Wet Wonderland

New HD Video of Cookie soaping up and showering off her beautiful all natural body in the shower!

09.23.17 16:11 minutes

Curvy Yoga

Cookie is a fit and healthy gal! She likes doing yoga in the nude and for a final, deep relaxation she sometimes masturbates.

02.07.17 19:40 minutes

Cookie is back!

Cookie strips out of her dress, bra and panties. She stretches and moves her volumptous body, laying down to push her wide hips into the air in various yoga poses, which make the perfect position for playing with her hairy pussy.

09.20.16 17:22 minutes

White Lace

Cookie is wearing only a white lace shawl in the middle of the woods. Her huge puffy bush sticks out and she can’t help but play with it as she sways and moves. She starts rubbing coconut oil into her skin and soon has to remove her shawl to access her breasts and upper arms. Soon she is rubbing it into her bush and all around her clit and labia, turning herself on till she lays back to make herself cum.

07.07.16 17:48 minutes

Amateur Model Cookie!

This was Cookie’s first time masturbating on camera ever! I decided to keep my distance to let her relax and get into it so we did a voyeur type video. Imagine stumbling across this beautiful, all natural woman by a river and watching her rub sunscreen into her amazing body. (Did you see her amazing hips!) and eventually lay down to masturbate. I love the way she pulls her hair back and very slowly rubs her clit. Such a beautiful, sensual video, more of her to cum!