Felix Weatherwood

Felix is decieving. She is petite with a young, innocent face, long hair and often wears cute little dress’s that only increase her girlish appeal. Don’t be fooled though, this girl can take care of herself and is a ravenous pussy eater/

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06.21.16 - 131 photos

Felix_Mire_GG_1 (1 of 1) Felix_Mire_GG_3 (1 of 1)Felix_Mire_GG_2 (1 of 1)

Hairy Lesbian Softball Players!

Felix is back! Thank goodness. Hope you like all natural, hairy girls in spandex shorts, sports bra’s and sneakers! Mire and her look amazing together, get ready for some great full body standing nudes with arms raised and full and close ups of hairy pussy and ass licking!

08.13.15 - 156 photos

felix field 1 felix field 2felix field 3

Private Dancer

The gorgeous Felix dances through this grassy field in some beautiful, black, lace lingerie. Her supple body bends showing off her juicey butt and thick furry armpits, and perfect pink pussy!

06.02.15 - 122 photos

felix redwoods 1 (1 of 1) felix redwoods 2 (1 of 1)felix redwoods 3 (1 of 1)

Redwood Nymph

You are talking a walk in the redwoods of california and see a flash of white in a circle of tree’s. Is it a polar bear? No, it’s Felix Weatherwood on a white fur, playing with her perfect pink pussy and furry armpits.

04.07.15 - 198 photos

felix river 1 (1 of 1) felix river 3 (1 of 1)felix river 2 (1 of 1)

River Fairy

All star Felix returns with a bang! She shows off her amazing, furry body in this sheer white bra and pantie set, plays in the river and covers all her hair in crystal clear water, ending with spreading her gorgeous pussy wide! Enjoy all 198 photos!

03.13.14 - 123 photos

felix sun 1


Felix’s gorgeous skin looks amazing in the hot sun, not to mention her scrumptious ass. Watch her strip and spread her wet pink pussy wide for her good friend, sunshine.

01.25.14 - 128 photos

felix woods 1 felix woods 2felix woods 3

Under the shade of willow…

Felix found these cute high waisted shorts in a thriftstore and do they ever show off her amazing booty!

12.28.13 - 142 photos

felix panties 1 felix frilly panties 2felix panties 3

Frilly Panties

Check out Felix in her cute frilly panties. She doesn’t mind wearing her underwear outside in public which is a good thing because her soft tan skin looks amazing in the brilliant sunlight!

12.12.13 - 233 photos

beach photos 1 still 1 beach 1 still 2beach 1 - pic 3

Beach Party Part 1

Here’s just a fraction of the photos we have from this amazing day of hairy bliss. Watch us in super pretty sun lite photos, frolick and play in the waves and eachother. Awesome time. Check out the behind the scenes videos for additional Beach Party photage.

06.11.13 - 293 photos

sylvie felix gg 1 sylvie felix 2sylvie felix 3


I just couldn’t stop taking photos of these two hotties, 293 here of wet sloopy girl kissing, outside undressing, pussy licking and fingering! One of my fav girl/girl shoots ever. These girls are real, raunchy and hilarious!

11.18.12 - 115 photos

FELIX shower 1 felix shower 2felix shower 3

Felix in the Shower

The shower water cascading down Felix’s tight tanned body, her full butt and thick bush is a site to behold. I do have to say I am quite proud of my photography in this set but none of it would be possible without her.

07.05.12 - 148 photos

DSC_0012 DSC_0045DSC_0055

Felix Garden

The day was a little chilly so Felix put on these cute red stocking that frame her amazing butt and bush perfectly. She flashes them both at me a bunch and poses with the vegetables.

07.26.16 20:00 minutes

Tarot Masturbation

Felix loves getting dressed n doing witchy, sexy things alone, it’s true! So she put on her fancy garter belt, slipped on some silk stockings and a slinky robe, lite some candles to get ready to pull a tarot card and see where the night takes her. Luckily the card she pulls is one encouraging her to explore her kinkier side with candle wax, vibrators and dildos.

06.23.16 39:24 minutes

Hairy Lesbian Softball

Sweet faced Felix has a dominant side. This bossy softball captain takes advantage of rookie player Mire and coerces her into giving her a massage to get on 2nd base. Felix has Mire massage her generous booty, then rub her boobs on her butt. Soon Felix is telling Mire to take off all her clothes and they compare bushes but of course Felix’s is bigger. Felix tells Mire to rub her boobs on Felix as she lays on her back as part of the massage. These two all natural beautys look so sexy rubbing all over each other all oiled up. Soon Felix is grabbing Mire’s nipples and kissing her with passion, laying her on her back to do what she’s been waiting to do, lick her sweet hairy pussy! Felix then climbs on Mire’s face to get her own orgasm before climbing back between Mires legs to make her cum again!

04.16.16 16:41 minutes

Stocking Destroyer

Felix looks so cute in her little dress and full pantyhose. She struts and shows off her amazing legs in ass with lots of shots from below before using her heels to rip through her stockings to get to her hairy pussy which was just aching to be touched.

03.08.16 12:57 minutes

Hairy Latex Domination

Warning: Mild Humilation
In this bit of role play, beautiful, hairy, alien princess has landed on earth and you are dying to worship her amazing all natural body clad in latex! However she’s decided you aren’t good enough for her and she shows off her amazing latex dress and heels, her all natural, furry legs as you grovel beneath her.

02.06.16 11:06 minutes

Pin Up Hairy Girl

I got Felix dressed up in this vintage one piece with sheer thigh highs and heels. She primps in the bathroom before brushing our her dark armpit hair with a comb, as well as her super thick bush! Then she slowly takes off her super cute, pin up outfit and get in the shower for some soapy, all natural, shower time and peeing!

01.23.16 16:34 minutes

Hairy Yoga

Felix is doing yoga in her stretch pants and sports bra. Her amazing body looks even better from low angles of her juicey booty and athletic frame, soon she is in just a thong, stretching her legs far apart.

08.11.15 19:41 minutes

Meadow Dancer

Felix is a trained dancer and moved through this field with such amazing grace during our photoset that we had to do a video of it. Luckily you get to watch her move her supple body, spread her legs…

06.04.15 12:01 minutes


Felix looks so cute in her white fur hat spread naked on a white fur in the middle of the redwoods. Enjoy her pleasuring herself to the sounds of nature.

03.28.15 13:07 minutes

River Fairy

Lucky you! I got to shoot more of Felix at a beautiful river. Her white bra and panties look amazing all wet as she plays in the river and I get lots of close ups of her hard nipples and hairy bush through the underwear. She even pee’s in this video before stripping naked and making herself cum to the sound of the river!

12.20.13 7:57 minutes


Felix finds a nice spot to roast her tanned body in the California sun. The amazing curves in the small of her back and her generous ass on such a tiny frame look amazing highlighted by the sun. She lyes on her stomach and arches high to rub her very wet pink pussy, raising it towards the sun.


Jean Shorts

11.07.13 14:11 minutes

Frilly Panties

Felix is back! She brought some cute frilly panties to wear which only accentuate her unbelievabley generous booty! Her tan skin looks great in the direct sun.

01.21.13 13:24 minutes

Hammock Sex Swing Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome girl/girl video Felix fingers and lick Sylvie’s hairy pussy till she cums. The hammock is so usefull!!

11.15.12 20:33 minutes

Hammock Sex Swing

I just knew we had to use this hammock when I saw it but I never imagined it would work out so well as a sex swing! Sylvie lays little Felix down on it and rocks her tight pussy back and forth on her fingers and against her tongue, to the sounds of Felix’s moans.

11.13.12 13:27 minutes

Felix in the shower

Felix gets home from sunning at the lake and wants to cool off the in shower. It’s a little too cold, but that’s alright, it just gets her nipples nice and perky. The water looks amazing running down her body, but it’s a little too cold so she moves to a chair to masturbate.

07.15.12 10:59 minutes

felix garden

Felix had so much fun running around this garden. Her cute red stockings remind me little red riding hood.


Felix pops her booty

After staring at Felix’s juicey booty all day I decided to ask her to make it bounce, I imagined all that lucious flesh bopping around looking great on camera and I was right.


Beach Party 3


felix bts

Felix has fun playing around in my friends garden. She likes to eat the tomatoes and play with the swiss chard. She also likes flashing her plump butt at me and is so cute in her red stockings. Her laugh is to die for, so resonate despite her being such a petite girl.


Tea time with Felix

Over a cup of tea Felix tells me about how much she likes girls, and likes to see their armpit hair peaking out because it reminds her of what’s down below. She also tells a story about having sex with a girl in the woods and graces us with her amazing, full laughter.