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02.24.22 - 157 photos

Hairy Bush in Latex

Freya is simply stunning isn’t she? If you aren’t a good boy though you won’t get to worship and admire her amazing, huge, fluffy dark bush.

12.16.21 - 122 photos

Hairy Curves

Freya shows off her sexy, curvy body! What do you think about these amazing tits and ass? They just KEEP growing!

11.04.21 - 225 photos

Freya + Dahlia

Freya and Dahlia are two gorgeous hairy queer women in their 30’s all dressed up in thigh high stockings, garters and lingerie. These 2 can’t keep their hands and mouths off each other!

08.05.21 - 162 photos


Freya is all dressed up in lingerie, showing off her amazing curves! What do you think of hairy legs under her seamed stockings?

05.27.21 - 196 photos

Sweaty Workout

Freya’s come back from a run and boy is she sweaty! Her armpits are just dripping in amazing, delicious goddess sweat! Lap it up while she spreads her hairy pussy in her sneakers.

03.04.21 - 294 photos

Hairy Garden Gals

Freya and Delphine are working in the garden together topless. The scent of each others hairy pits turns them on and soon they can’t keep their hands, noses and tongues off each other! Full 4K Video cumming March 6th.

01.21.21 - 271 photos

A Fertile Harvest

Freya spends some time in my garden. This curvy gal looks ready to give birth to the earth itself! Get lost in her thick fluffy bush and perky hairy breasts!

12.31.19 - 168 photos

Happy New Years!

Freya is looking gorgoeus in baby blue contrasting her dark, thick hairy armpits and big fluffy bush.

11.02.19 - 201 photos

Freya and Valentine

New model Valentine gets frisky with Freya! Check out Valentine massive clit!

08.29.19 - 120 photos

Baby Blue

Welcome back our gorgeous Freya Mars!

05.16.19 - 121 photos

Hairy Allure

Freya shows off her lovely body and thick fluffy bush and hairy armpits.

12.25.18 - 168 photos

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Freya is all dressed up in a sparkly white lingerie set fit for an ice queen! Enjoy this hairy beauty in ravishing white and stockings and heels!

08.04.18 - 120 photos

Freya and Nikki Part 2

08.02.18 - 115 photos

Freya and Nikki

Finally naked with the gorgeous Freya! Enjoy this set of us worshipping each others body hair and getting naked! More explicit pics to cum in part 2!

06.28.18 - 150 photos

Classy Hairy

Freya looks so good with her thick dark body hair, giving sneaky looks and spreading her ass and pussy wide in all kinds of positions!

07.01.17 - 138 photos

New Model! Freya Mars!

Welcome new model, the gorgeous Freya Mars! So excited to have this beauty on the site!

05.17.22 12:10 minutes


Freya is so stunning isn’t she?!

04.19.22 17:00 minutes

Worship her Curves

Freya is truly aging like a fine wine! She just keeps getting more beautiful and more voluptuous! Those gorgeous all natural breasts and ass pale only in comparison to her dark, brown bush. And you’re going to worship every inch.

02.26.22 12:48 minutes

Hairy Worship

Are you ready to worship all of Freya’s delicious body hair? Are you ready to get on your knees and make yourself useful with your mouth?

01.18.22 15:58 minutes

Hairy Dominatrix

Are you ready for Freya? This one is for the boys with a slightly submissive bent. A little teasing, a little denial, a tiny bit mean but oh so sexy…

12.18.21 13:33 minutes

4K! Eat my Hairy Pussy

Freya teases us with her amazing curves before instructing us to go down on her amazing brunette, hairy pussy. She is not afraid of being bossy and will use your mouth and tongue however she pleases!

11.06.21 50:16 minutes

4K! More Orgy’s Less Weddings

Lesbian couple Dahlia and Freya have been invited to yet ANOTHER gay wedding. These two lovely ladys have gotten into their fancy lingerie but they just can’t bring themselves to cover up their beautiful bodies with stuffy dress’s. Why so many weddings? Why not more orgys? They decide to do what they want and spend their day pleasuring each other instead!

10.26.21 11:09 minutes

4K! Freya makes you eat her hairy pussy

Freya catches you with her dirty underwear and she is MAD! To punish you she makes you lick her hairy pussy till she cums.

08.07.21 11:56 minutes

4K! Hairy Lingerie

Freya shows off her amazing hairy body in sexy lingerie!

07.20.21 15:12 minutes

4K! Freya in the Garden

Freya loves to spend time in the garden with sun on her body. Watch as she exposes more and more of herself in a warm sunbath.

05.29.21 15:44 minutes

4K! Hairy Workout

Freya would love you to lap up her sweat from her hairy armpits as she masturbates. Will you oblige?

03.08.21 38:46 minutes

4K! Hairy Garden Gals

Freya and Delphine were put to work weeding my tulsi (holy basil) but they couldn’t help but giggle and flirt. Soon Freya is pulling Delphine in for a kiss and the rest is history! These two frolick and worship each other’s hair in the garden before returning inside for even naughtier fun…

02.23.21 14:00 minutes

4K! Soaping up

Freya is a dirty girl. She gets in the shower and soaps up her hairy bush and pits before using the shower head to cum.

01.23.21 18:36 minutes

4K! Garden Gal

Freya is having a wonderful time in my garden, eating tomatoes and soaking in the sunshine. The warmth gets her all turned on as she shows off her hairy armpits and pussy for you.

01.18.21 15:58 minutes

Freya Wood Wall

01.02.20 18:26 minutes

Hairy Reveal

Freya shows off her beautiful all natural body, drenched in light from the window before disrobing and showing off her amazing curves and masturbating

11.05.19 48:47 minutes

Suck my big clit

Freya brought her long time crush Valentine over for a lap dance lesson but she gets more than she bargained for. Valentines clit is so big and juicey, Freya just can’t keep it out of her mouth!

10.15.19 19:42 minutes

Hairy Tease

Freya knows how much you love smelling her hairy pits and she’s gonna rub it in your face! Enjoy her teasing you with her sexy, hairy, all natural body before using a dildo to make her pussy cum!

09.29.19 5:59 minutes

Bonus! Freya Fucking Machine

I found a little extra footage from Freya’s fucking machine video with some really nice close ups!

08.31.19 14:51 minutes


Freya wear a lovely blue lingerie set and shows off her gorgeous smile and all natural and hairy body!

07.30.19 7:00 minutes

Hairy Bush

This video got cut short due to the fires in California. But we continued on! Enjoy this naked start to finish hairy masturbation scene of the lovely Freya!

05.18.19 14:23 minutes

Hairy Fascination

Freya teases and hypnotizes you with her hairy, all natural body before showing you exactly how to make her cum.

03.19.19 18:14 minutes

Hairy Worship

Freya’s bush sticks out of the side of her gold lace one piece. She shows off her gorgeous body while verbally teasing you, she knows you desire her and she’s going to make you work for it.

12.27.18 20:26 minutes

Fucking Machine

Freya shows off how good her dark body hair looks in this sparkly white lingerie. Then gets undressed, strips off her nude thigh high stockings and lays down to have some fun with the fucking machine!

11.20.18 12:38 minutes

Bath Time

Freya shows us her beautiful body before getting in the bath. Lots of amazing ASMR type hairy close up’s of bush and pits in water, getting bubbly and washing off, all kinds of shots! Before some very bushy masturbation!

08.07.18 42:53 minutes

Hairy Best Friends

Freya and I chat and caress in our lacey underthings. We lick and worship each others hairy armpits, passionatly kiss with wet, open mouths and undress each other, admiring each and every hair before devouring each others hairy pussys.

06.30.18 13:15 minutes

Hairy n Demure

Freya looks demure in her lace dress with a gorgeous set underneath. She shows it off as well as her gorgeous body hair.

11.22.17 14:09 minutes

Hairy Yogi

Freya is doing yoga in the woods but get’s overheated and takes off her clothing, one piece by one until she’s fully nude doing yoga and spreading and stretching her legs in all kinds of directions, ending with masturbation.

08.22.17 16:51 minutes

Sunbathing Cutie

Freya is having some alone time sunbathing and reading. She rubs sunscreen onto her sensitive skin and disrobes as she rubs it into every nook and crack of her hairy, all natural body.

07.04.17 14:24 minutes


Freya is so cute in her short jean shorts and scanty top. This woodsy, hairy gal strips off her clothes and masturbates under the redwoods.