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09.27.16 - 108 photos

harley_hex_pink_dress_still1-1-of-1 harley_hex_pink_dress_still2-1-of-1harley_hex_pink_dress_still3-1-of-1

More Harley!

Harley is back and lookin’ better than ever! Thick, furry armpits, beautiful curves, enjoy!

08.16.16 - 97 photos

Harley_Hex_Sunset_1 (1 of 1) Harley_Hex_Sunset_2 (1 of 1)Harley_Hex_Sunset_3 (1 of 1)


Just a quick little photoset of Harley showing off her beautiful, curvy body and new long hair before the sun goes down!

06.28.16 - 106 photos

Harley_Hex_Tress_Still (1 of 1) Harley_Hex_Tress_Still2 (1 of 1)Harley_Hex_Tress_Still3 (1 of 1)

Hairy Harley back again!

December in California and we are still outside. In this fall feeling set, Harley strips out of a short dress and shows off how incredibly long her bush hair and head hair have gotten! Don’t miss this site favorite.

03.17.16 - 100 photos

Harley_Hex_SR_Jeans_Shorts_Still1 (1 of 1) Harley_Hex_SR_Jeans_Shorts_Still2 (1 of 1)Harley_Hex_SR_Jeans_Shorts_Still3 (1 of 1)

Super Hairy

Brand new set of Harley in nature, with long hair! This time not just on her armpits and massive bush. Her head is growing out and jeez, does she look even more like a beautiful goddess.

02.18.16 - 130 photos

Harley_Hex_Pearls_1 (1 of 1) Harley_Hex_Pearls_small (1 of 2)Harley_Hex_Pearls_small (2 of 2)

Hairy Girl in Pearls

Bet you’ve never seen, hairy super star Harley Hex quite like this! Head hair longer than ever before, voluptous curves and in pearls and white heels!

01.12.16 - 88 photos

nikki harley still 1 (1 of 1) nikki harley stills (1 of 2)nikki harley stills (2 of 2)

Harley’s First Girl/Girl Scene EVER!

Here’s the photoset to go along with Harley’s first ever partnered scene! That’s right, on no other site will you find any photos or videos of Harley with another boy, girl or anyone else for that matter! You can only find it at NaughtyNatural. Enjoy all the hairy armpit and pussy licking goodness!

08.08.15 - 151 photos

harley climbinb still 1 harley climbing 2

Tree Climbing

Harley is an adventurous gal! She climbs over these fallen logs in your short skirt showing off her deliciously hairy legs. But that’s not all, furry armpits, treasure trail and a yummy pussy!

07.21.15 - 145 photos

harley stretching 1 (1 of 1) harley stretching 2 (1 of 1)


Harley is all ready to work out! But her leotard is a little too small, riding up her fur covered butt and spreading her hairy pussy lips apart.


harley hex lace apocalypse 1 (1 of 1) harley hex lace apocalypse 2 (1 of 1)harley hex lace apocalypse 3 (1 of 1)

Lace Apocalypse

Harley looks so cute in her little lacey dress and big, furry armpits poking out! Good thing nobody is around to see her lap at her armpits, dig her fingers into her bush and spread her juicey wet pussy wide for us!

05.23.15 - 148 photos

harley garden 1 (1 of 1) harley garden 3 (1 of 1)harley garden 2 (1 of 1)

Garden Grrl

Yes, I have put yes another girl in my tiny garden to take photos of her! If you could only see what the garden looks like now, and the girl! Harley shows off her super hairy and beautiful body amongst the greens.

04.16.15 - 160 photos

harley thigh highs 1 (1 of 1) harly doors 2 (1 of 1)harly doors 3 (1 of 1)


Harley looks gorgeous in my backyard, sipping her tea in a slip and sheer thigh highs over her dark leg hair and garter belt. I figured you guys would like this throw back to a more pin-up era. Enjoy the lovely Harley Hex!

03.24.15 - 121 photos

harley white sheets 1 (1 of 1) harley white sheets 3 (1 of 1)harley white sheets 2 (1 of 1)

Hairy Marilyn Monroe

Harley is the first in my white sheet experiment, inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic bed shoot, me and Harley climb under the sheet together for some intimate time. Her amazing dark, thick hair really pops against the bright white background!

02.24.15 - 100 photos

harley crochet tree 1 (1 of 1) harley crochet tree 3 (1 of 1)harley crochet tree 2 (1 of 1)

Natural Grrl

Harley’s little crocheted slp barely covers her ass, let alone her perky nipples and massively furry armpits! She strips and plays by a tree before parting the forest that is her bush and spreading her wet pink pussy wide open!

12.25.14 - 132 photos

harley hex jean shorts 1 (1 of 1) harley hex jean shorts 2 (1 of 1)harley hex jean shorts 3 (1 of 1)

Jean shorts

Merry x-mas for all you dirty Christians out there. Harley is super cute in some tight jean shorts and sheer lace panties out in nature. She struts and strips, showing off her deliciously furry armpits, thick furry legs and best of all dark massive bush and pussy hair! I can’t think of a better holiday present.

11.18.14 - 162 photos

harley stockings  (1 of 1) harley stockings  (2 of 1)harley stockings  (3 of 1)

Harley’s Stockings

Ask and you shall recieve. You wanted to see Harley’s thick dark leg hair under some sheer stockings so here it is, and that’s not all!

10.18.14 - 95 photos

harley yoga 1 harley hex yoga 2harley hex yoga 3

Yoga Outdoors

One of my favorite photosets of Harley. The light was just perfect and Harley’s yoga poses so cute!

09.20.14 - 167 photos

harley hex chair 1 harley hex chair 2harley hex chair 3

Back Again!

Harley is back again! Always beautiful and always furry! Enjoy.

08.19.14 - 88 photos

harley rain 1 harley rain 2harley rain 3

I can’t stand the rain…

Harley stands in the midst, letting water droplets cling to her luscious body hair. Possibly my favorite set of her.

07.17.14 - 124 photos

harley hex picnic 1 harley hex picnic 2harley picnic 3


Harley is set up for a nice little picnic, looks so innocent but lo and behold her tiny white thong and strapless bra barely covering, thick dark pubic and armpit hair!

06.12.14 - 127 photos

harley bed 1 harley bed 2harley bed 3

Hairiest Girl Alive

Harley loves showing off her amazing thick body hair. Take a peak…

05.18.14 - 123 photos

harley hex beach 1 harley hex beach 2harley hex beach 3

New Model! Harley Hex

Here is the long anticipated, Harley Hex! This girl is seriously the hairiest girl I’ve ever come across. Her armpits hair trail is long and delightlyfully curly and her inner thighs and ass crack hair do indeed rival mine. I had a great time shooting her as I think she did as well!

11.08.16 16:47 minutes

Hairy Shower Fun

Harley takes her time brushing out all her hair before getting into the shower and soaping up real good. She makes sure to wash her most hairy parts especially well…

09.29.16 15:35 minutes

Hairy Fetish

Harley got all dressed up in a tight short skirt, thigh highs and a garter belt. Her tight outfit shows off her amazing curves and super hairy body! She uses clothespins on her nipples and gets so turned on she starts playing with her hairy pussy.

09.03.16 15:29 minutes


Harley is stretching it out in my living room in some tight spandex booty shorts showing off her very hairy legs. She stands up and disrobes, jumps around and stretches standing up fully nude so you can admire her full body, generous breasts and butt. Then she sits down, legs spread to stretch some more before laying back and masturbating.

06.30.16 12:24 minutes

Hitachi Torture

I have Harley all tied up in this Hitachi Chair! Her hands and ankles are restrained the hitachi is right on her clit, first over her underwear to tease her and then directly on her hairy pussy!

05.24.16 13:30 minutes

Hairy Jerk Off Instruction

Harley will guide you through touching yourself in this Hairy Jerk Off Instruction Video. She looks amazing fully nude in a pair of heels telling you exactly what to do with your cock, touching herself the whole time.

04.23.16 15:22 minutes

Comic Book Nerd

Harley is reading a comic book and some of the female characters happen to be very beautiful. She gets turned on looking at their big breasts and starts touching herself. Next thing she is naked and using a glass tentacle to make herself cum.

03.19.16 14:58 minutes

Exhibitionist Adventures

Harley and I went to my favorite cemetery to prove to you that she really does go outside, in short skirts and tank tops, showing off her super hairy legs and armpits for all to see! She brazenly talks about her experiences being hairy out in the world while flashing armpits, boobs and bush. Eventually we find a spot facing away from the street so she can masturbate but anyone could have stumbled upon us!

02.14.16 17:26 minutes

Happy Valentines Day!

Harley has dressed up for you in sheer thigh highs, garter belt and a silky nighty which shows off her amazing body hair. She’s been waiting for you to celebrate V-day (aka Vagina day!) with her, and she has a new toy to play with! Ignore the product placement, that company has since been very rude to me so I don’t wish to promote them but this video is way too good to not put up!

01.14.16 1:00:57 minutes

Hairy Lingerie Wrestling

At least, the not so long awaited first ever scene of Harley Hex having sex with another person! Harley and I go shopping for lingerie and come back. As we are trying on stuff we start fighting over a particular slip and soon I am straddling Harley and tearing her pantyhose off, one thing leads to another for a good hour long video of making out, hairy armpit licking, hairy pussy licking, finger fucking, wrestling, ending with Harley taking my strap on and cuming hard all over my cock.

07.23.15 14:23 minutes

Sun Nap

Harley is taking a nap and decides the sun feels so good on her all natural body she can’t help but start touching herself.

06.25.15 13:03 minutes

Lace Apocalypse

05.26.15 15:04 minutes

Bad Student

Harley gets bored reading a book and starts caressing her thick, soft leg hair. Soon she’s trailing her hand up to her short jean shorts and taking them off. She even gets out her hitachi with an anal attatchment and vibrates her butt into orgasm!

04.18.15 14:20 minutes

Growing like weeds

I put this hairy girl to work in my garden. (As I do with many models, see Louise’s garden shoot and the upcoming girl/girl of me and Simone Delilah!) of course she got distracted by her gorgeous hairy body and had to make herself cum!

03.26.15 11:21 minutes

White Sheets

It’s a lazy afternoon and you’ve just crawled into some fresh white sheets with your girlfriend, Harley, she’s wearing some lingerie for you and sleepily starts taking it off…drawing you in closer with her thick dark armpit hair and furry legs..

02.26.15 21:24 minutes

Thigh High Stockings

I’ve gotten to shoot Harley so much now in so many different settings that I get to see what this beauty looks like in various kinds of light, outfits etc. I love the light from the window in this shoot, in makes her skin look soft and glowy, supple. oh yes, of course also she masturbates with a big dildo!

12.27.14 12:49 minutes

Hairy Explorer

Harley isn’t only a pioneer in the world of hairy erotic and camming but is also exploring new worlds! She climbs over big logs and runs around flashing upskirt shots to the camera and finally masturbating on a log with a surprise ending!

11.20.14 17:10 minutes

Hairy Stockings

Harley’s all dressed up for you in full sheer stockings, heels and some nice lingerie/dress. She’s missing you and starts touching herself thinking of how good you make her feel, she slowly takes her stockings off her legs covered in thick hair and puts it inside her so she can cum all over the stockings.

10.31.14 28:25 minutes

Hairy Magic

Harley’s ONLY ever scene with another person! Thanks to a loyal member who ordered this as a custom video! Harley is captured by a sexual witch who needs to torture and tease her hairy armpits and inner leg hair to gather her orgon energy for her rituals. She captures even more orgon energy by licking Harley’s hairy pussy and making her cum with the hitachi magic wand.

Happy Halloween!

10.21.14 12:58 minutes

Yoga Girl

Ever stumble on a super hot and hairy girl doing yoga in a park with just some skin tight spandex shorts and a sports bra on? Barely covering up her hair flowing out of her inner thighs? Well you get to role play with Harley in this video that you stumbled upon just that, and lucky you she let you stay and watch!

09.23.14 11:47 minutes

Butt Plug

Harley’s back again, this time with a glass butt plug and big hitachi magic wand! This super hairy girl sure loves to cum!

08.21.14 15:08 minutes


Come take a peak at the gorgeous Harley taking a bath, soaping up her hair armpits, legs and huge bush! Before washing it all off and using the faucet and her fingers to make herself orgasm in the water! Thick, dark body hair in water on a gorgeous girl, what more could you ask for?

07.19.14 10:48 minutes


Harley is out relaxing in the shade on a sunny day. This horny girl can’t help but get turned on and strips down to her white thong before making herself cum with her g-spot metal toy!

06.13.14 14:23 minutes

Harley’s Big Toy

Harley loves her big metal toy. Watch her enjoy making her all natural body cum with this big shiny piece of metal!

05.20.14 13:11 minutes

Beach Babe

Ever seen a girl this hairy at the beach? Harley rubs sunscreen into her super hairy armpits and thighs before stripping naked to get more sun on all her naughty bits. She can’t help but start playing with herself, the sun feels so good.