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04.28.13 - 135 photos

helena sun

Helena’s toned and tanned body shines in the hot sun. This cheeky girl will make you smile.

03.19.13 - 83 photos

Tree Love

This is the photoset that prequels Helena’s powerfull orgasm in the shade of this tree on a very, very hot day. She has a beautiful body and lovely piercing blue eyes, not to mention a cute accent!

06.16.13 11:53 minutes

Sun bath

Helena wants to sunbath but it’s so hot she can’t help but pour her bottle of water on her. The hot/cold contrast is exhilirating and soon she’s touching her hairy as well, breathing heavy in the hot sun…

02.05.13 5:50 minutes

Helena Shade

03.05.13 - 7:43 minutes

Taking a dip