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04.28.13 - 135 photos

helena sun

Helena’s toned and tanned body shines in the hot sun. This cheeky girl will make you smile.

03.19.13 - 83 photos

Tree Love

This is the photoset that prequels Helena’s powerfull orgasm in the shade of this tree on a very, very hot day. She has a beautiful body and lovely piercing blue eyes, not to mention a cute accent!

06.16.13 11:53 minutes

Helena Bathes in the Sun

Helena wanted to sunbathe but it was so hot outside that she couldn’t help but pour her bottle of water all over her hairy body. The hot/cold contrast is exhilarating and it doesn’t take long before she’s exploring her all-natural body and breathing heavy in the hot sun…

02.05.13 5:50 minutes

Helena Shade

03.05.13 - 7:43 minutes

Taking a dip