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01.02.21 - 233 photos

Pearl and Ivy!

Pearl and Ivy are so cute together! These bushy babes have fun licking each others hairy armpits, sloppy open mouth kissing and LOTS of pussy licking in all kinds of positions! And of course our signature ‘face buried in bush’ or as I like to call it the ‘hairy lesbian POV.’ Enjoy and let us know what you think!

11.26.20 - 136 photos

Hairy Cutie

Cutie Ivy has waist length hair and an extremely thick bush!

04.02.20 - 169 photos

New Model! Ivy Adams

Please give a warm welcome to new model Ivy Addams! This slender redhead with super long hair has an even fluffier bush!

01.05.21 38:12 minutes

Bushy Babes

Feisty Pearl has her eyes set on demure Ivy and take control, grabbing her by her epically long hair and kissing her passionately before making her way to her hairy armpits. These 2 slender and bushy beauty’s lick and worship every part of each other’s bodies before retiring to my the bed to lick each other’s hairy assholes and pussy’s. Authentic hairy lesbian sex at it’s finest. xo

11.28.20 14:01 minutes

Thick Hairy Bush

Ivy shows off her lean and supple body, her waist legnth head hair, her cute sweaty armpits and her BIG fluffy bush! Such a big bush on such a small lady! Enjoy this cutie showing off and masturbating for you.

06.16.20 11:22 minutes

Redhead in the Bath

Ivy relaxes in the bath, the water flowering over her fluffy red bush, mmmm

04.04.20 11:34 minutes

Red Fur

Enjoy new model, showing off her slender physique, long long head hair and super fluffy bush!