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12.11.14 - 112 photos


Here are the photos from my upcoming video ‘Spellbound’ with Joey Minx! This furry little vixen and I lick all of each others hairy parts, armpits, ass cracks, legs and pussy and much, much more but you’ll have to wait for the video to see everything I do to them.

04.19.14 - 100 photos

Leopard Heels

Joey all dolled up in heels and lingerie. Cute as ever.

03.18.14 - 93 photos

Bathed in light

Joey and Lilah’s soft skin and even softer hairs look amazing bathed in this afternoon light.

01.30.14 - 122 photos

Joey’s First Shoot

This may be the FIRST photoset I did of this lovely lady. From the get go I was blown away by her amazing hips, smooth stomach and amazing body hair! She pretty much could do anything and look amazing, enjoy!

01.16.14 - 128 photos

Crazy Panties

Not that Joey needs any help showing off her booty but these panties really accentuate her already very wide hips and amazing butt! Lots of great outside, sun drenched shots of her gorgeous body and pitch black hair.

11.07.13 - 101 photos


Joey lets her pale curvy body sway in the beads, showing off her beautiful thick dark hairy pits and pussy hair and spreading her deliciously meaty pink pussy lips.

09.24.13 - 114 photos


More great photos of this super babe, dark hair, pale skin, pretty pink pussy and wide hips with a big booty to back it up, what more could you ask for?

08.24.13 - 71 photos

Pink Skirt

07.08.13 - 99 photos


We stumbled across this stone labrynth in the woods and as Joey started walking through it I thought what a great idea for a set. She strips as she does so and soon it’s just her soft, pale skin and dark body hair in the brilliant sun.

12.13.14 55:30 minutes


Here it is! The full 50+ minute version of Spellbound! Download Version is now up, in Super High Res! Highly Recomend Downloading!

06.17.14 16:58 minutes


My last video of Joey Minx! We start out in the park with her jogging in her short excercise shorts and then go back to my place for some explicit stretching and stripping, before she masturbates.

04.22.14 11:14 minutes

Panty Love

In this panty stuffing video Joey makes herself cum all over these white cotton pantys while in doggie position. Then she slowly pulls the pantys out of her tight wet pussy. Don’t you want to smell and taste those soaking wet panties?

04.08.14 9:25 minutes

Hairy Stocking Legs

Joey shows off her red lingerie for Valentines Day, and her thick black pussy hair. Her dark hair even shows through her sheer stockings and she plays with herself through them

03.27.14 13:57 minutes

After Lunch Snack Part 3

Lilah gets so worked up she asks Joey to penetrate her with a big strap on dildo. Lilah like it hard and Joey gives it to her.

03.25.14 14:06 minutes

After Lunch Snack Part 2

In part 2 Joey rides Lilah’s face will rubbing Lilah’s pussy and then bends over so Lilah can lick hers from behind. Then they switch, there’s too much pussy licking to handle!

03.22.14 16:51 minutes

After Lunch Snack

Part 1 in this multi-part series. Joey and Lilah go on an picnic date and Lilah brings Joey back to her house. They can barely keep their hands or mouth off eachother and start feasting on eachothers hairy armpits as soon as they walk in the door!

01.23.14 13:36 minutes


Joey’s a little lost in the tiny labrynth. It’s a hot day and even though she’s only wearing short shorts and a bikini top she gets too hot and has to take them off as she goes along. What’s her reward for reading the middle? A big orgasm!

01.14.14 15:27 minutes


Just posted the behind the scenes version of this scene so check it out for a little comparison and vision into my process. Or ignore all that and just jerk off to a super hot hairy girl spreading her pink pussy and showing off her amazing ass before making herself cum.

01.04.14 10:28 minutes

Sunbathing 2

Part 2 of Joey’s forays into public sunbathing and masturbation!

12.26.13 10:17 minutes


Joey is looking for a place to sunbath. She finds a small bush to shield her naked, natural body from the hikers and workers. In the behind the scenes you find out that we weren’t really that well hidden but she doesn’t mind. Watch she rub sunscreen into her supple pale skin and jet black hair before spreading her pussy wide.

12.10.13 9:35 minutes

Bed 2

In Part 2 of this Video Joey gets her hands on a big dildo! She pushes it into her tight wet pussy with ferocious passion until she orgasms!

11.21.13 8:44 minutes

White Panties

Joey is taking a hike through the epic hills of Oakland, with the sun beating down on her, it’s just too hot. She quickly disrobes down to her white panties, and plays with her hairy pussy through them before getting completely naked. Her dark hair looks amazing in the bright sunlight and she cums powerfully, a little sun drunk.


See through panties

Joey teases us, fingering her hairy, wet pussy through her transparent panties. Her meaty pussy lips looks simply delicious getting pushed around by her slender fingers and barely there panties and this is only part 1!

10.15.13 11:40 minutes

Beads and Butt

Watch Joey slowly take off her clothes, swaying to the music and letting the beaded curtain fall between and around her ample hips and tight little body. Before she sits down to make herself orgasm.

07.08.13 8:01 minutes

Reading 2

06.26.13 8:34 minutes


Joey gets bored reading a book on the couch and decides to masturbate. She fingers herself a lot from behind, mmm.

01.26.14 - 3:32 minutes

Meeting Joey

This was the first time I met Joey actually! A mutual friend connected us and we set up a shoot! She’s adorably shy but she opens up as time goes on. What a cutie!

01.05.14 - 8:54 minutes

Tail Time

Joey got a fun new toy, a butt plug with a fox tail attatched! She loved the feel of the soft fur against her hairy arms and legs, here’s the behind the scenes photage of me shooting photo and video of her with it.

12.10.13 - 2:56 minutes

Public Panties

Joey gets shy because these worker men in trucks keep driving by but it doesn’t keep her from getting naked and rubbing sunscreen all over her body and making her body rock with intense orgasm.