04.24.14 - 88 photos

All Caught Up

Juliette is a goof ball and loved rolling around in this netting, using it to squeeze her ass checks apart to show off her little pink pussy.

02.20.14 - 95 photos

New Model! Juliette March

Welcome cutie Juliette March. Her sweet face and lithe fairy like body will win you over in no time. Her dark bush really pops against her pale skin.

05.15.14 16:40 minutes

Art School Frustration

Cutie Juliette March gets frustrated drawing herself for her art class so she takes a break to play with her tight little butt, putting a butt plug in and rubbing her hairy pussy till she cums.

04.17.14 14:01 minutes

Touching Her

Now I want to know what you all think of this! Juliette is rather kinky so I thought, hey why not and it really turned me on making it. I’d love to do one of these types of POV videos with any of the future models that are interested but I want to know your opinions, and please be as detailed as possible!

03.15.14 11:51 minutes

Baby Bush

Juliette is a horny little nymphet with a thick dark bush. Don’t be fooled by her innocent deamenor and cute good looks.