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12.29.16 - 136 photos


Kendis’ copper bush looks so beautiful in the brilliant sunlight. This former model really knows how to work her all natural, slender body. Enjoy!

10.04.16 - 158 photos

New Model! Kendi Oh!

Big, Warm Welcome to a new friend of mine and beautiful new model; Kendi Oh! Kendi is new to porn and loves being all natural, head to toe. Her pubic hair is awesomely curly and a coppery color; Enjoy!

04.01.17 17:18 minutes

Body Tour

Kendi gives us a great tour of her beautiful, all natural body. Paying special attention to her curly pubic hair which spills onto her inner thighs. She uses her special comb to unfurl her curls, before stripping and masturbating

12.31.16 16:59 minutes


Kendi gets naked and makes herself come as the sun sets!

11.15.16 10:47 minutes

Hairy Squirter!

Kendi told me she could squirt but I didn’t know she could squirt this much! I got lots of great shots of her moving her sexy body around and getting naked and then set up the camera to capture her cumming hard and squirting a bunch!

10.11.16 15:58 minutes

Copper Bush

The first video Kendi and I shot together. She moves and grooves her body down by the river, slowly taking off her clothes, showing her lithe, all natural form, her coppery bush and furry armpits before sitting down to make herself cum in nature!