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03.20.14 - 187 photos

Lick Me

Now Lilah and Joey get down and dirty with lots of sloppy girl girl kissing, fingering and hairy pussy licking. Joey’s super furry legs look amazing wrapped around Lilah’s generous behind.

03.18.14 - 93 photos

Bathed in light

Joey and Lilah’s soft skin and even softer hairs look amazing bathed in this afternoon light.

10.31.13 - 148 photos


My last photoset of Lilah! Her pinky skin and blonde hair look great against the blue water, this girl and her hips drive me wild! As I’m sure they will you, too. Let me know if you want more of her.

12.22.12 - 114 photos

Dappled sunset

The sun was setting over this hill so we rushed up for this awesome, golden yellow sun drenched photoset of Lilah. Her blonde hair and tan skin in the sunlight is like nothing else.

11.27.12 - 107 photos

New Model! Lilah!

Please welcome the lovely Lilah! Mix a hot blonde, a literature nerd, a juicy ass and all natural beauty and you get this amazing girl. We spent the day sneaking around finding places for her to strip and orgasm. I think you’ll like it. Lots more of her to come.

03.29.14 11:12 minutes

Can’t get Enough

The final part of this amazing video. All tuckered out, they can’t stop kissing and humping each other, and I couldn’t stop filming.

03.27.14 13:57 minutes

After Lunch Snack Part 3

Lilah gets so worked up she asks Joey to penetrate her with a big strap on dildo. Lilah likes it hard and Joey gives it to her.

03.25.14 14:06 minutes

After Lunch Snack Part 2

In part 2 Joey rides Lilah’s face will rubbing Lilah’s pussy and then bends over so Lilah can lick hers from behind. Then they switch, there’s too much pussy licking to handle!

03.22.14 16:51 minutes

After Lunch Snack

Part 1 in this multi-part series. Joey and Lilah go on a picnic date and Lilah brings Joey back to her house. They can barely keep their hands or mouth off each other and start feasting on each others hairy armpits as soon as they walk in the door!


Crashing Waves

Part 2 of this awesome outdoor video of gorgeous and furry Lilah! She gets down on a rock with her sweet pussy almost touching the water and makes herself cum again! Enjoy!

04.21.13 12:03 minutes

Getting Wet in Public

Lilah’s not afraid of getting a little wet in the company of the public eye. Even when boats go by she keeps rubbing her hairy pussy until she’s satisfied. This wild unshaven woman knows how to have an explosive time. It’s so sexy watching the wispy hairs of her armpits blow in the wind and the up-close and personal shots of her fingers stroking her thick all-natural pussy hairs.

03.21.13 8:12 minutes

Trains Part 2

Lilah hasn’t finished cumming in her spot next to the train so she goes for orgasm number two!

03.05.13 11:13 minutes

Train Tracks

Lilah’s back again with another amazing video. Her cute matching red bra and pantie set stand out amongst the bushes and leaves but they can’t hide her huge bush and hairy armpits! She lays back, teasing you with the way her fluffy bush pokes out of her panties. The sunlight kisses this all-natural beauty in such a brilliant way. I got plenty of close-up shots showing off her unshaven pussy in action. You’ll go crazy for the juicy noises that arise as she plunges her fingers deep inside of her hairy hole. Lilah cums so fucking hard in this clip. You’re not going to want to miss this hairy amateur in action!


Slow Sunset: Part 2

Part 2 of Lilah’s escapade on this amazing hillside. Doesn’t she look like a beautiful hairy Goddess towering above you as she masturbates? You’ll want to capture her moans in your mouth and save them for a rainy day. This gorgeous unshaven amateur is sure to leave you satisfied with her all-natural charm.


Slow Sunset: Part 1

The sun is setting and Lilah is just getting hotter. The warm light cascades down her body and you can see the beautiful texture of her hairy birthday suit. Lilah is such a tease, pulling her panties to the side and offering you a glimpse of her sunkissed bush. After striping out of her clothes, she finds a cozy spot to lay and begins stroking her bushy pussy. You won’t be able to get enough of this beautiful woman’s sensual moans. The way she rocks her craving hole onto her fingers is such a wonderful sight to see. Stay tuned for part two where Lilah rubs her hairy cunt until this sun goes down!

09.18.13 - 158 photos

Lilah’s shoots

Reject shots from Lilah’s shoots.


Erotic Literature

Lilah tells us more about her love of old romantic erotic literature and exploring people’s kinks, as well as some great photage of her peeing in nature!

12.03.12 - 5:05 minutes

All Wet

Some out takes from our hairy pussy water shoot and Lilah chatting about her sexual interests and literary interests.