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08.27.15 - 132 photos


Final set of the gorgeous and ever fierce Liv. Watch her bend and pose her slender, furry body but beware, this girl is dangerous!

06.09.15 - 49 photos

Black and White

Liv’s amazing black, thick body hair looks amazing against her pale skin and white background. I love how her nipples look in this crochetted top. Watch her strip down to nothing and show her amazing hair!

04.28.15 - 107 photos

New Model! Liv

Welcome new model Liv! This gorgeous girl has thick, dark armpit hair and bush and a very pink pussy.

08.25.15 13:57 minutes

Black and White

Liv’s dark body hair looks amazing set against these white sheets, her hard nipples polk through her crocheted top and she plays with them before using a big dildo on her extremely hairy pussy! Watch her black pussy hairy cling to the dildo as she pushes it in and out of her creamy pussy.

06.27.15 15:38 minutes

Wild Woman

Liv is truely a wild little spirit. She plays with her knife, relishing the feel of the cold metal on her lips and chest(don’t worry, it was very dull) before disrobing and rubbing her hairy pussy through her panties. She gets fully nude and makes herself cum in the tall grass.

04.30.15 8:46 minutes

New Model! Sunset

Liv is gorgeous in the sunset and strips out of her thin clothing and makes herself cum in the wanning light. Lots more to come of this cutie!