Louise Thirteen

I am a cute, queer femme who likes polka dots, rockabilly music, horror flicks, giraffes and bomb food.

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04.11.15 - 134 photos

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Hairy Pin Up

Louise looks gorgeous in her pretty blue dress with her dark armpit hair peeking out. She really knows how to work her gorgeous body for our benefit…

03.07.15 - 118 photos

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Louise shows off her curvacious butt and thick hairy armpits in her little white slip on my staircase, tons of gorgeous from behind hairy pussy shots!

02.10.15 - 125 photos

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New Model! Welcome Lovely Louise 13!

Brand New Amateur Model Lovely Louise 13 has amazing long black hair and thick body hair and a shapely body. Enjoy this set of her stripping and playing in the garden, much more of her to cum!

05.02.15 17:13 minutes

Up close and Personal

Join Louise on this lazy afternoon, she undress’s herself by the window and plays with her beautiful body and penetrates herself with a dildo making her cum in cute little squeaks.

04.14.15 12:35 minutes


Imagine you are in bed with Louise, it’s early in the morning and the light is coming through your window. She pulls the sheets over your heads and starts flirting with you, begging you to take her nightgown off. She can’t help but start touching herself and slips a butt plug in while rubbing her clit to orgasm…

02.12.15 16:17 minutes

New Model! Louise 13

Louise so kindly offered to plant a baby cilantro now. Since then it’s grown into a monster but how could she have known that her all natural goodness would seep into the plant and make it grow abundant like her thick dark body hair. How happy I was to have this beauty playing in my garden…