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04.09.16 - 127 photos

Luka’s Back!

Luka is back with this smokin’ new set. She looks amazing, a little bit more mature, in heels and a rather conservative dress. She is anything but conservative! Her athletic body, and furry pits and bush looks amazing in her strappy heels and little much else.

03.29.16 - 76 photos

Hairy Ass Licking Lesbians

Vivi Marie and Luka Salome are hot for each other! These two athletic and all natural beautys have fun stripping in my backyard before licking each and every part of each others all natural bodies back inside. Lots of hairy armpit, pussy and butt hole licking, just like you asked!

10.14.12 - 128 photos

Luca swims in the pool

Luca is a dear, dear friend of mine who I went on a sexy vacation with in Australia that some of you may know about. This girl is a wild child but I managed to get her calmed down enough to take a swim in my friends pool and show us her amazing toe and leg hair! All covered in water, this is not a set to miss for foot and hair lovers!

03.31.16 33:31 minutes

Hairy Ass Licking Lesbians

Vivi brings some comic’s over to Luka’s house for them to read together. Both girls are in loose PJ type clothing showing off their svelt hairy legs and perky nipples poking through their content shirts. Vivi starts playing with herself and Luka notices this horny girl getting more turned on by these kinky, comics they are reading. The girls start wrestling and soon are kissing and licking each others hairy armpits, Vivi straddles Luka and pinches her nipples hard while Luka’s armpits are exposed. Then the girls switch and Luka pulls Vivi’s little green shorts off revealing a sheer, lace white thong which barely covers her super dark bush. Eventually both girls are fully naked and that’s when the hairy ass licking fun really begins…


NEW model! Luca at the Pool

Luca glides through the water like a mermaid, playing in the water with hairy little toes and thickly unshaven legs. Then she spreads her full bush pussy apart from behind and the front and makes herself cum.