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01.12.17 - 136 photos

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Pregnant Redhead

Another photoset of the beautiful Madison Young, fully pregnant with a big, fluffy red bush!

10.13.16 - 134 photos

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River Mother

Madison looks so beautiful with her big belly, out in nature! Her fire red hair and bush against the green foliage, what could be better! This mother of the river really is in touch w/her natural sexuality.


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Madison was so excited to show off her fiery red bush she ripped the crotch out of her stockings! Her pussy is big and swollen and ready for action.

05.10.13 - 123 photos

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New Model: Madison Young!

Brand new model Madison Young for your enjoyment. She is a friend and well known bondage model and she grew out her bush just for me! This all natural red head is hot stuff and so is her fire bush!

01.14.17 12:56 minutes

Pregnant Lady!

Madison is so turned on by being pregnant! This hot and hairy redhead doesn’t waste anytime getting to her engorged nipples and pink pussy. Amazing standing up orgasm!

10.15.16 15:17 minutes

How to have sex during Pregnancy

Madison is a sex educator out with a new book all about sex during pregnancy and motherhood! Watch her get turned on as she talks about and shows you some hot moves and positions for you and your lovely mother to be.

05.04.15 26:07 minutes

BONUSE! Fire Bush! Full Version

Beautiful, Redhead Madison Young grew out her firey bush just for me! The way this woman masurbates is truly phenomenal!

01.18.14 12:30 minutes

Rope Burn

Still the only model to appear with only a bush on the site, and what a bush it is! In part 2 of this awesome self rope bondage masturbation video she fucks her pussy with a huge dildo while using a hitachi and cums very, very hard. Don’t miss this one.

09.29.13 14:36 minutes

Happy Folsom

Today in little ole’ San Francsico is Folsom street fair. A celebration of BDSM and alternative sexuality in the streets! That’s where I’ll be today, but even if you can’t make it, you can get your kinky jollies off watching Madison Young tie her own leg to itself so she can pound her pink pussy with a big dildo!

06.17.13 12:51 minutes


Part 2 of this amazing masturbation session with legend Madison Young. She tortures her hairy pussy with clothes pins and whines for daddy while fucking her pussy hard with a big dildo and using a hitachi!

05.22.13 10:15 minutes

Fire Bush

Madison goes to shoves fingers in her wet mouth and pussy, telling her ‘filthy cunt’ to ‘come on.’ Writhing around on this couch in panties and skirt pushed aside so she can access her hairy pussy she makes herself cum and this is just part 1!

08.07.13 - 3:51 minutes

Post Orgasm Glow

Madison is all dreamy after her powerfull orgasms. Her breathy voice is so enticing and it’s wonderfull to see her after her amazing orgasms.