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06.06.15 - 88 photos

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Cutie Moth is just hanging out on her porch, flashing her hairy armpits and soft, full breasts, finally removing her panties and showing off her hairy, wet, pink pussy!

01.08.15 - 115 photos

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Pretty in Pink

Moth likes painting, but not just on paper, she likes to paint her own especially around all her sensitive furry bits and around her big juicey nipples. Her blonde body hair looks gorgeous in the sunlight.

11.29.14 - 111 photos

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New Model! Moth

Welcome new model Moth! With her devilsh blue eyes, coy smile and curly blonde hair this babe isn’t one to forget. And look how flexible she is!

06.13.15 15:20 minutes


I set out a whole bunch of toys for Moth to play with. Vibrators, dildos, clothespins. She went to town and played with and adored her beautiful, natural body, building up her orgasm with vibrators and penetration…

01.10.15 11:20 minutes

Pussy Paint

Moth likes painting her body with different colored paints, drawing designs around her puffy soft nipples and coloring in her blonde leg hairs, she even paints a flower around her bush! Then inside to masturbate so the neighbors don’t see!

12.02.14 9:03 minutes

Morning Coffee

How nice! Someone has left coffee for Moth to wake up to. Caffeine helps this flexible girl stretch her legs, revealing her blonde pussy hair and stretching her arms up high reveals her furry pits. The sunshine and the coffee makes her unable to resist touching her cute little pussy.


Having a lark

Lark tells us about her life, learning about plants, herbal medicine and being a hairy girl!