Natalie is a beautiful statusque girl with long straight red brown hair. She has a certain classicness to her that really is so charming. She is just as at home in the country as the city and will really school you with her herbal knowledge.

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12.24.13 - 133 photos


I found a forgotten photoset of Natalie and it’s a good one! We had so much fun making jokes about the passing barges as she spread her pink pussy to the burning sun.

08.23.12 - 141 photos

Natalie in the grass

Natalie looks so cute in this little floral dress. Her long legs peaking out the bottom. She gets naked and writhes around in the grass before spreading her hairy pussy for us. Smiles the whole time.

07.03.12 - 99 photos

Natalie explores the forest

Me and Natalie were looking for a good spot for a shoot and found this rusted old car. She was such a trooper, sitting on this thing and masturbating for me.


Natalie Masturbates by the Water

These rainy winter months are forcing me to sacrifice my sweet babies of summer to the cold! I’ve been holding onto this one but it’s time to set her free, so here she is. This is one of my favorite spots to shoot girls. The sound of rolling waves, a little exhibitionism, and lots of hairy pussy and orgasms. Natalie is so erotic and knows how to put on a beautifully hairy show. I love the way the wind blows through her hairy armpits. It’s such a beautiful thing to admire. Wouldn’t you agree? Enjoy.

08.26.12 14:27 minutes

Natalie Masturbates in the Tall Grass

Natalie looks so cute in her floral dress and hiking boots. Her long hair blows in the strong breeze in this sensual and erotic clip. After stripping down to her athletic, all-natural birthday suit, she rolls around on the grass– flirting and teasing you with her natural allure. I have such a big crush on this hairy beauty. She knows how to put on a show and always leaves you craving more. I got some amazing close-up shots of her hairy legs, her dripping creamy cunt, and her gorgeous freckled face sending out moans to the wind. The way she humps and grinds on her pleading fingers as she brings herself to orgasm is such a wonderful sight. Wouldn’t you agree?

07.08.12 11:46 minutes

Natalie Explores the Forest

Adventure-seeking Natalie explores the forest and finds abandoned treasures. Realizing she and Nikki have the forest all to themselves, she starts to get naked and horny! Natalie stakes her treasure by climbing on top of a rusty car, spreading her legs, and offering us a sensual and intimate show. She reveals her lovely hairy pussy and fingers herself until she comes all over! Isn’t it so sexy to see how wet she got?! I made sure to get a lot of great close-ups of her juicy cunt and the way her meaty lips part at the touch of her fingertips. Her moans are so hot and I love watching the look on her face as she pleasures herself in the woods. What do you think of this clip? Let me know in the comments! xo

07.29.12 - 6;18 minutes

Natalie’s interview on the Water

Natalie giggles as we shoot on the rocks overlooking people in boats and passengers on a train! Then we sit down for some real talk about her passion for herbalism and some sexy fun she’s gotten into, in the woods. Natalie is smart and charming and not one to miss.


Nikki interviews Natalie in the forest

Nikki interviews Natalie at a picnic bench near the woods before they have a sexy adventure and explore the forest together. Natalie shares what it’s like to be a hairy girl and what inspired her to grow it out and stay hairy!